Cleaning fanatics are using dishwasher tablets to shift stubborn stains from clothes with astonishing results

WE normally just chuck them in with our dirty pots and pans without a second thought – but it turns out, dishwasher tablets can be used for more than just washing up.

While some cleaning fans have been using them to get grimy baking trays and oven doors sparkling, others have even thrown dishwasher tablets into their washing machines to get them a thorough deep clean.

And now they're taking this trend one step further – by using dishwasher tablets to tackle stubborn clothing stains.

Posting on the Facebook group Mums Who Clean, one woman explained: "My husband always has black coal and grease on his work clothes."

Although he usually gives his hi-vis clothing a wash at work in their industrial machines, the woman will sometimes give them an "extra soak" at home.

She added: "Today I decided to chuck his work clothes in to wash with four dishwashing tablets.

"I had done the dishwashing tablet clean to my washing machine a few days ago (water was clear so washing machine obviously pretty clean) and thought the same idea might help me with grease and black stuff on his clothes."

As well as sharing before-and-after images of the jackets, the woman also posted pictures of the filthy water in the washing machine.

"'Yuck! It didn't get everything out, but they are much better! I might start sending a few dishwashing tablets to work with him to wash with a bit more regularly now," she said.

Unsurprisingly, the woman's post racked up hundreds of "likes" and comments in the Facebook group.

"I can't wait to try it," one gushed.

"Soak your clothes in a bucket with carpet shampoo, then put the clothes on a normal cycle with laundry liquid," another suggested. "My denim came out like brand new!"

Meanwhile, others suggested using Coca Cola or vinegar to remove greasy stains.

For more cleaning tips and tricks, this cleaning fanatic shared their mess-free hack for dusting fans & people are calling it a ‘life-changer’.

Plus women are soaking their loo seats in the bath to clean them – but some reckon it’s just too gross.

And this woman transformed her tarnished jewellery using £1 paste and people claim it’s better than expensive specialist cleaners.

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The fashion team's top 10 tan sandals for summer

Tan sandals are a wardrobe staple. Whether you’re in the city or by the beach, these are the high street and luxury styles to shop now.

Tan sandals are as synonymous with summer as ice cream and linen. The most neutral of summer shoes, the wear-with-anything tan will be your summer go-to shoe. Perfect for pounding the pavements at home or on your summer holidays (in 2021). 

The best thing about this neutral flat is its versatility. Have a bright floral dress that needs toned-down accessories? Look no further than a simple tan slip on. Or need something to spruce up your work wear, but doesn’t look out of place in the office? Then go for a classic thick strap sandal. 

Nailing the perfect tan sandal style will create ease when getting dresses everyday, as it’s a wardrobe failsafe. From strappy Grecian styles, barely theres or the sleek every day tan, there really is a style for everyone. 

Here’s 10 of our top picks from the high street and high end brands to shop right now. 

  • Charles & Keith

    Best tan sandals: Charles & Keith

    Wear these toe thong sandals with a floaty floor length maxi dress and super size sunglasses for a look that will have you yearning for the beach. 

    Shop sandals, £39, Charles & Keith


  • Mango

    Best tan sandals: Mango

    Keep it simple with these strappy sandals, try with a white tank top and tailored chino trousers for a office appropriate summer look, and if the chill sets in throw an oversized blazer over your shoulders.

    Shop sandals, £29.99, Mango


  • Massimo Dutti

    Best tan sandals: Massimo Dutti

    These Massimo Dutti sandals are totally timeless. Wear them now (with everything) and bring them back out season after season.

    Shop sandals, £29.99, Massimo Dutti


  • Carvela

    Best tan sandals: Carvela

    We’ve seen the barely there heels, now we are seeing an influx of barely there sandals, like these elegant mock croc style from Kurt Geiger deserve that DIY pedi. 

    Shop sandals, £89, Carvela


  • K.Jacques

    Best tan sandals: K.Jacques

    These wrap around sandals are giving us all the holiday feels; cobbled streets, white wash buildings, *sigh.* Anyway, whilst we’re at home try with your white jeans and a Breton top.

    Shop sandals, £202, K.Jacques


  • Ancient Greek

    Best tan sandals: Ancient Greek

    Ancient Greek sandals are the go-to for happy holiday feet, this go-with-everything style means they are all need to pack this summer. 

    Shop sandals, £145, Ancient Greek



    Best tan sandals: TKEES

    A bohemian take on the summer staple, the TKEES Jo sandal is crafted from a supple suede and leather mix, adding chic but understated detailing to this flat. Perfect worn with crisp, white dress. 

    Shop sandals, £110, TKEES


  • Porte & Paire

    Best tan sandals: Porte & Paire

    Porte & Paire needs to be on your fashion radar. They are a luxury footwear brand with a sweet spot price tag, making versatile shoes that are effortlessly chic and will last you a lifetime, check them out.

    Shop sandals, £190, Porte & Paire 


  • Jones Bootmaker

    Best tan sandals: Jones Bootmaker

    The slip on sandal is a fave come summer, no fuss, hassle free, and goes with everything. Try this style with your open back dress for a look good enough for any social distanced social gathering. 

    Shop sandals, £59, Jones Bootmaker


  • H&M

    Best tan sandals: H&M

    These simple sandals from H&M’s premium line are a great work wear option; wear with tailored shorts and oversized white shirt for a relaxed take on summer work wear. 

    Shop sandals, £34.99, H&M


Lead image: courtesy of Ancient Greek 

Products shots: courtesy of brands

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How to Hem Pants at Home, All by Yourself

Are your pants not hitting at exactly the right place? Are they grazing your foot or the floor more so than you would like? Do they just look off? If the answer is yes to any or all these quandaries, it’s time to rectify the situation. And, no, buying a new pair doesn’t count—read: Let’s try to be sustainable. All you need is a few simple tools you can find at the pharmacy (you could also order a prepackaged bundle online) and the willingness to DIY. This, however, leads to another pertinent question: How does one actually hem pants?

For sure, your local tailor or dry cleaner can easily make the adjustment, but if you have the time (admittedly, most of us have ample amounts of it nowadays), take the opportunity to learn the skill. Seriously, you don’t need to be a savant with a needle and thread to hem your pants at home. Just follow this hassle-free, step-by-step process to a greater fit.

Step 1

Check to see if your trousers have a hem allowance (most do). Then, with a seam ripper or small scissors, carefully take out the thread and unfurl the fabric.

Step 2

Put on your pants and a pair of shoes (it could be heels or flats, depending on how you choose to wear the given trouser) and stand in front of a full-length mirror. Check your desired length and fold the fabric up and inward. Next, place a pin at the back of each leg.

Step 3

Remove your pants and turn them inside out. Iron a crease from your new hemline and pin around the circumference. (Six pins should suffice.) If you choose to remove excess fabric, start by measuring the length from the edge to the bottom fold (make sure to have some seam allowance), and then draw dashes with a pencil. Take scissors, preferably pinking shears, and start cutting along the marks. Next, fold up the seam allowance and tuck it in with pins.

Step 4

Thread a needle, and tie and knot the two ends. Then, start sewing fabric along the raw edge. Don’t sew through the fabric; rather, pick up a few threads and gently push and pull the needle to form zigzag stitches every quarter inch. Repeat the process until you come full circle. There should be very minimal stitching visible on the outside.

Step 5

Press your new hem with an iron and revel in your accomplishment.

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“I Went from Being a Celebrity Hairstylist to Being a Nurse on the COVID-19 Frontlines”

A short scroll through the @Nicky_B_On_Hair Instagram feed and it’s clear to see why Nicole Newland is considered one of the most badass celebrity hairstylists. There’s the tousled mix of locs, braids and waves she gave iconic supermodel Iman. We’re still mesmerized by the futuristic triple ponytail look she slayed on fashion stylist June Ambrose. And then, of course, there’s the textured-to-a-T tresses that she gave Insecure’s Issa Rae for our June cover.

In fact, that cover shoot was the last project that Newland worked on before COVID-19 shut down the world. “I think Issa is probably the last person I truly hugged,” Newland told Cosmopolitan. Not only is that telling of the times (#socialdistancing), but it’s also a testament to how adored Newland is within the glam industry. And while her clients are patiently waiting for the day Newland will be playing in their hair again, she’s been plenty busy working on the frontlines of the current global pandemic. Legit.

“I think Issa Rae is probably the last person I truly hugged.”

Until recently no one in Newland’s beauty universe was aware that she’s also a registered nurse–and has been for the past 14 years. “I used to keep it to myself because I’m doing hair and that has always been the focus,” Newland said. “But then I decided to say, ‘Why not? Why not speak on it and show—especially young women and young men—that you don’t have to just be one thing in life?’ This pandemic has definitely helped me open up.”

Newland, 37, who is currently working two days a week in the ICU (intensive care unit) at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, juggled both hairstyling and nursing for well over a decade. Why? Well, it’s a tale as old as time.

“I used to keep it to myself because I’m doing hair and that has always been the focus”

“I come from a Caribbean background and my single mom was like, ‘Okay, you can do hair, but you also have to have a real career,’” Newland explained. The born-and-raised Brooklynite quickly landed on nursing school. Becoming a nurse checked several boxes—it was a personal area of interest; it was prestigious enough to impress her mother; and most importantly, it would allow her a schedule that was flexible enough to pour into her true passion: hair.

Now that hairstyling is on an indefinite hold, Newland is navigating her new reality as a part-time nurse—which is proving to be more fulfilling then she thought. She’s even managed to incorporate some bedside glam into the mix.

Here, we caught up with Newland about her days as an essential worker, how she’s finding time to self-care, and what the future of the glam industry might look like post-COVID-19.

Nicky B on becoming a frontliner:

“I was terrified in the beginning because you’re walking into something that has no cure…that has no treatment. I was super anxious. I couldn’t sleep. I wasn’t eating. We’re just basically treating the side effects of this disease. There was a moment when I stopped in the middle of the hallway of work on my unit, I just looked. You take a second and you just look at all the chaos that was going on, and I was in tears because it’s something so new.”

On working with COVID-19 patients:

“So many families aren’t able to visit the hospital, so I take time during my breaks to visit with patients. Whether it’s helping them call up their family so that they can say a prayer over the phone or just sit there and talk to them. I also love combing their hair and putting cute braids in it or I even shave male patients’ beards. I think people sometimes forget that these are people’s loved ones and they’re human beings as well, and they should be treated as such.”

On self-care during the pandemic:

“On my days off, I just try to meditate and relax and pray. I’ve ordered some nice facial masks because my face is so damaged from wearing the N95 masks. Hanging with my dog also brings me joy and a form of therapy. Plus, I don’t have to worry about a long commute to the hospital. For the past month, I’ve been staying here in Manhattan rather than Brooklyn. The city of New York has given myself and other healthcare workers and first responders hotel rooms.”

On not letting down our guard:

“We recently had our 1000th COVID patient leave the hospital, which is amazing. The number of patients that are coming into the hospital in the intensive care unit and our critical care unit is thankfully dropping. But I still don’t want people to lessen the things that they’re doing and to just think things are back to normal because it isn’t. Far from it.”

On one of her most rewarding frontline moments:

“One of my patients, an African American man in his late forties was sitting at the side of his bed. And before I left for the day we were just chatting. He said ‘Thank you so much for taking care of me. Although I’m not able to know how you look because I can’t see your face at all, because of all your garments, I can see your character and your spirit. I thank you so much for taking care of me through this time, for putting your life on the line to take care of me. I will never forget your heart.’ That was such a beautiful moment despite all the chaos.”

On the future of the glam industry:

“I’m beyond eager to get back. I’m ready to slay some hair! But everything is going to be different. I don’t think we’ll be able to bring assistants. Everyone will have to wear shields and a face mask on set. And we’re also going to need a lot more time. Hair and makeup can’t be up in a client’s personal space at the same time. It Just won’t be safe. But I just can’t wait to be back around my colleagues, makeup artists, photographers, editors, models and fashion folks. We have to get back to that. It’s a must.”

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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These 13 House Dresses Are Our New Comfy Summer Uniform

We love these products, and we hope you do too. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchases. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!.

Sweatsuits are a given for lounging around the house, but an underrated and just as comfy alternative is the house dress. It takes no thought or time to simply pop on a flowy, breathable dress—and it often looks more presentable than that oversize T you’ve worn to death since college.

So below, shop the house dresses that are our new comfy summer uniform from Anthropologie, Asos and more.


Shorts Sets That Are Sure to Become Your New Summer Go-To

We love the seaming on this affordable maxi dress available in plus sizes. It has an eye-catching peplum hem and low back while remaining super comfortable.

E-COMM: House Dresses

This pretty linen-blend dress is super flowy and breathable. Pair a comfy bralette underneath and you’re ready to go.

E-COMM: House Dresses

You can’t beat the relaxed fit of this dress with eye-catching buttons. It’s perfect to throw on everyday.

E-COMM: House Dresses

You can easily pull on this breezy mini dress with whimsical bow details.

E-COMM: House Dresses

If you’re feeling the chill of the A/C, pop on this long-sleeve smock available in plus sizes. It has a v-neck and buttons down the front.

E-COMM: House Dresses

You can’t go wrong with this super-soft cotton maxi dress. It has a pretty bow detail in the back.

E-COMM: House Dresses

If you want to feel covered up and comfy, opt for this cotton dress with cute ruffle sleeves.

E-COMM: House Dresses

This cotton tank dress is super easy to throw on. Plus, it has a pretty pattern that’s woven right in.

E-COMM: House Dresses

This simple cotton T-shirt dress comes in the sweetest pink hue. We love its lettuce-edge trim.

E-COMM: House Dresses

For a classic house dress, opt for this linen number in a pink shade. It comes with a belt to define your waist.

E-COMM: House Dresses

A cotton shirt dress is a great option, and this one comes in a summer-ready print.

E-COMM: House Dresses

A simple tank dress is super easy to slip on, and the red hue of this ribbed one is super flattering.

E-COMM: House Dresses

This T-shirt maxi dress is super affordable and loved by reviewers. Depending on how you accessorize, you can totally dress it up or down.

E-COMM: House Dresses

While you’re at it, shop these items to create a comfy at-home office, plus the most comfy work-from-home clothes that still look polished.

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Amazon Released Tons of Rompers and Jumpsuits, but These 15 Picks Are Summer Goals

Amazon Released Tons of Rompers and Jumpsuits, but These 15 Picks Are Summer Goals

If there’s one item I could wear every day during the Summer, it would be a romper or jumpsuit. It’s an entire outfit in one piece of clothing. Plus, in the heat, wearing an airy ensemble is the best option — it’s comfortable without sacrificing style. There are so many pretty designs out there right now, so we rounded up our favorites from Amazon.

Don’t force yourself to wear a tight dress — go for one of our picks instead. The one-and-done outfit is both stylish and easy to move in. These picks come at a variety of price points and styles, so you’ll undoubtedly find something perfect for you. Prepare to want to live in these pieces. Trust us: once you snag one, you’ll never want to take it off.

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Amazon Has So Many Comfy and Flattering Wrap Dresses; Shop Our 21 Favorites

Amazon Has So Many Comfy and Flattering Wrap Dresses; Shop Our 21 Favorites

If you’re always on the hunt for a comfortable dress, there’s one silhouette you’ll want to try: a stylish wrap dress. You can wear these versatile pieces with sneakers, sandals, and pretty much anything in your closet. No matter how you style yours, these flattering silhouettes will always look good. To help you find the best of the best, we did the shopping for you on Amazon. The site has thousands of chic finds, but we uncovered the 21 best picks for you. Keep reading to shop our favorites.

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Kardashians’ Brow Specialist Reveals How To Shape & Trim Your Own Eyebrows While At Home

Being stuck in quarantine means not being able to get your eyebrows done & if you’re in need of some grooming, the Kardashians’ brow specialist, Anastasia Beverly Hills, shared with HL EXCLUSIVELY, tips to shape & trim your eyebrows at home!

Not being able to head to the salon and get yourself beautified is one of the toughest aspects of being stuck in quarantine. One of the hardest things to do is groom your own eyebrows because it’s scary to think what could happen if you mess up. Have no fear, because thankfully, the Kardashian sisters’ eyebrow specialist, Anastasia, of Anastasia Beverly Hills, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, a few simple steps to shape and trim your own eyebrows at home.

Anastasia shared her six easy-to-follow steps which you can see below:

“Invest in quality tools, including a pair of slant-tipped tweezers and thin, straight blade brow scissors. With the tweezers, the thin slanted tip follows the curve of the brow bone, so that you don’t accidentally break off the hair too far away from the base. The thinness of the scissors helps you get the most precise trim possible, especially when even a couple of millimeters can make a big difference.”

“Taking a shower or applying a warm compress before tweezing will open up the pores so it’s much less painful. Make sure the skin is clean and dry, not greasy, and with no lotion or creams.”

“If you’re unsure about your ideal brow shape, this is the place to start. The three measurements of the ABH Golden Ratio Technique deliver the brow shape that best compliments your unique bone structure: brows should begin directly above the middle of your nostrils, brows should end where the corner of the nostril connects with the outer corner of the eye, and the highest point of the arch should connect the middle of the tip of the nose with the middle of the iris. You may find before you even begin grooming that you should be letting hair grow in places you usually tweeze.”

“After you’ve measured the three points and gotten your ideal shape, fill in your brows and tweeze only what’s outside of that area. Without this guideline, you run the risk of tweezing too far into the brow and getting carried away with making both sides match. Always tweeze in the direction of hair growth.”

“Even if you skip tweezing, I recommend filling in your brows first before trimming as well. Brush your brow hairs up, using your scissors to cut only what falls outside the filled area, then brush the brow hairs down and repeat.”

“Use a toner to close the pores and apply aloe vera if needed to soothe any irritation.”

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Forget Vanish! Mum uses washing up liquid to remove poo stains from baby grows and the results are amazing

ALL parents have been there. Your little one suffers from an "explosion" only to be left sporting clothes completely covered in poop.

This scenario is all too common, with many parents accepting defeat and throwing away any poop-stained clothes, rather than attempting to get it clean again.

But one mum swears by a simple hack that'll leave your kids' clothes completely stain free – and it doesn't just involve regular clothes detergents either.

Tik Tok mum Lainie Marie Beauty demonstrated the hack in a short clip on the video sharing platform, which has since been watched, and loved, by mums far and and wide.

She captioned the clip, "don't throw this away!" and shows off a white baby bodysuit with a rather large, and obvious, poop stain front and centre.

Before popping it in the wash, though,the clever mum uses washing up liquid to scrub over the stain, which, surprisingly, removes a fair amount of the colour.

After squeezing some of the washing liquid straight onto the stain, she explains: "Add some water and scrub together. You'll notice the stain start to lift" and throws in in the wash as per normal.

When it's done, the white fabric has never been whiter with the stain completely gone – as if it never existed to begin with.

Other mums were thankful to say the least, with one commenting on the video saying: "My husband threw one away. Thank God i saw this!!"

Others, however, apply the same trick to their own washing agreeing that washing up liquid works wonders.

The American mum uses Dawn, a local brand, however the UK equivalent is Fairy which has been proven to work wonders on various household chores.

In other parenting-related news, a crafty mum makes stunning wendy house for her daughter out of cardboard for just a couple of quid.

Plus mum buys a vending machine, fills it with snacks & says it’s the best way to get kids doing their pocket money chores.

And this woman shared the ‘right’ way to close a crisp packet and it’s blowing people’s minds.

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Cardi B Just Revealed A Giant New Back Tattoo That Took 60 Hours To Complete

Some celebrities enjoy getting delicate ink added to their tattoo collection (here’s looking at you, Hailey Bieber), but Cardi B’s new back tattoo is the furthest thing from minimalist. The rapper and actor’s newest addition is a sight to behold, and according to her Instagram feed, the piece took several months to complete.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Cardi B posted a video to Instagram showing off a colorful new floral tattoo that starts at the back of her neck and runs all the way down the side of her thigh. The ink is a swirling compilation of large florals in every shade of the rainbow with butterflies and hummingbirds dispersed throughout.

In her original video of the new ink, the rapper credited tattoo artist Jamie Schene, tagging him in the post. Schene, on his Instagram page, explained the piece took more than 60 hours to create and was done in 10 different cities. He went on to thank Cardi for her hospitality and dedication to the piece of art.

Since revealing the new ink, Cardi has followed up explaining that her back is itching and peeling from the healing process. Still, she seems to love the piece, adding, "Look how bright."

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