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IT'S no secret that Christmas can be an expensive time, but one mum has cracked the code and revealed how she saves money but still makes sure all her gifts look super luxurious.

Rosie Henshaw completely transformed a few bargain buys from Poundland into presents anyone would be happy to unwrap on the big day.

She took to YouTube to explain exactly how you can do the same without breaking the bank.

"This is something you can do last minute, go and and get these bits and wrap them up like this and they will be beautiful gifts and you won't have to spend a lot," she said

Spruce up a candle

The first item the mum picked up in Poundland was a large candle for £4, but because it didn't come in a box like some more luxurious brands do, she decided to spruce it up a bit.

"Something like this can look a bit naff," she said.



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Using off cuts of old fabric, which you can get at your local haberdashery, and ribbon from Amazon, Rosie made the gift look so posh.

Rather than using wrapping paper, she wrapped the candle in the fabric and added a lush velvet ribbon on top.

It's also key to take off any labels, minus safety stickers, because that will give the gift a more homemade look and feel – plus it doesn't let anyone know it's from Poundland.

You could gift the candle on it's own, or add it to a larger hamper using other Poundland products, she explained.

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Make a hamper

Rather than forking out for a pre-made gift hamper, Rosie showed how anyone can make one and fill it with cheap and cheerful products.

Start by getting a basket, which you can often find in charity shops or in stores like Home Bargains or B&M for a couple of quid.

Then pad it out with some paper or fabric, then place a the products on top.

Rosie used a two pots of body butter for £1.50 each, and a bath bomb for £1 in the basket, meaning she only spend £4 on the entire thing.

"No way are you ever going to know this is £4 from the pound shop ever in a million years.

"It looks really, really cute, and even if you have to buy the basket from the pound shop for £1.50, that's a £5.50 gift, so it's still not breaking the bank," Rosie said.

Make a snack bucket

Food is always a good present if you're not sure what a person likes – and you can't go wrong with a posh-looking snack bucket.

Rosie picked up two popcorn buckets for £1, then filled each one with a bag of popcorn, chocolate and other snacks.

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If you want to go the extra mile, you can wrap the bucket in cellophane and add in a cinema ticket as well, the mum said.

"It's not just going to add to the piles of stuff they don't use and don't want," Rosie added.

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