'Genius' ways to wrap Christmas presents in seconds – including those awkward round ones | The Sun

A CHRISTMAS pro has revealed exactly how she’s able to package the trickiest shapes in wrapping paper. 

Chantel Mila is a home decor, organisation and cleaning whizz and often uses her social media to share her top tips and tricks. 

In one such video, she decided to tackle the one issue everyone faces over the festive period: wrapping Christmas presents. 

While books and Apple products might be easy to tackle thanks to their sharp corners and simple shapes – others aren’t so straight forward. 

In a bid to make it easier on the masses, Chantel shared her four wrapping hacks – starting with “how to wrap an awkward shaped gift”. 

“Measure wrapping paper around gift and secure with Scotch Gift Wrap Tape,” she first told viewers. 

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She then removed a pink stuffed bunny toy and folded the wrapping paper in half, flat on the table. 

Folding the two ended pieces, she then cut the corners diagonally, which created a candy-wrapper effect. 

Placing the bunny back inside, she then secured it with two red ribbons on each side to “create a bonbon”. 

Next, she revealed how to wrap a round gift and instructed viewers to first measure paper halfway across the base and top. 

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She then cut the horizontal sides into small strips on both ends and placed a round tin inside. 

Wrapping the paper right around the tin, she then secured the strips along the bottom and top ends of the tin. She topped it off with a long white ribbon, which she tied into a bow. 

She followed this up by revealing how to wrap an “irregular shaped gift”, like a cap. 

TikTok user @chantel_mila started by measuring the gift out and cutting the paper before securing each horizontal side together with a piece of tape. 

She then folded on end before opening it up and folding it once more to create a diamond shape. 

She then placed the cap inside before folding the top end and punching two holes in it to tie with a ribbon – essentially creating a goodie bag. 

The final shape she tackled was how to wrap a wine bottle. 

“Wrap the paper around the bottle,” she first instructed viewers. 

After wrapping the bottom of the bottle, she folded the top end of the wrapping paper in a zigzag pattern before tying it with a ribbon.

In the caption, she added: “4 of the best gift wraps for the trickiest shaped gifts,” followed by a gift emoji. 

People were quick to comment as one person wrote: “*Immediately adds to favourites* time for us to step up our gift wrapping”.

Another shared: “This was so helpful”.

While a third added: “Genius”.

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