Sainsbury's shopper nabs NINE legs of lamb worth £252 that've been slashed to £36 but is slammed for not sharing | The Sun

WITH the cost-of-inflation affecting households up and down the country, food doesn't come cheap.

That's why when one man spotted an unmissable deal on lamb legs in his local Sainsbury's, he couldn't turn them down…and decided to fill his trolley with NINE of them.

The savvy shopper took to money-saving Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK and posted a snap of his friend's hugely discounted food shop.

Alongside the image, he penned: "Mate had a good deal at Sainsbury's today.

"Nine legs of lamb. Retail price of £252, we paid £36. Seems fair to me!"

The post has since garnered over 1.5k likes and over 300 comments from social media users – with very mixed opinions.



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Some social media users were outraged and slammed the shopper for seemingly wiping the shelves clear.

"Shame you didn’t leave a few for others that couldn’t afford much," wrote one.

A second noted: "B*****y ell did you manage to save other people any?!"

A third commented: "Where do you find the need for 9 legs of lamb? Yeah posting it here so people can get a bargain is all well and good but when you clear them out what’s the point? Just a thought."

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Another added: "Save some for everyone else won't you."

And a further penned: "No wonder there is none left when iv been to my Sainsburys."

However, others were quick to commend the eagle-eyed shopper on his bargain buys and admitted they would've done the same had they spotted the deal themselves.

One person wrote: "This deal has been going on since November in our Sainsbury’s. I currently have 7 in my freezer from buying one a week! Tesco's are now also doing it.

"My friend bought 2 at 10p last weekend as there were so many left over at end of day knock downs!!"

A second chimed in: "You snooze you loose."

A third pointed out: "Well done if you can afford it and can freeze, you’d be a fool not to!"

And one more commended: "What a great bargain – well done!"

Elsewhere, some were so shocked by the huge discount, they cast doubt over the mega reductions, but one Sainsbury's shopper confirmed: "They're half price with Nectar card – seems to work on reduced prices too."

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Another lucky shopper who spotted the yellow-sticker discounts wrote: "2 legs of lamb for the less than the original price of 1!

"They had been reduced as it was today's date plus 1/2 price using nectar points."

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