Goodbye 'clean girl' aesthetic, make-up guru shares the beauty trends we will be seeing in 2024 – & the '90s are back | The Sun

AS the year is coming to an end, it's interesting to see what 2024 will bring – and looks like we're heading back to the '90s.

Whilst the so-called 'clean girl aesthetic' dominated our social media feeds this year, with Hailey Bieber pioneering the look, 2024 is set to be the total opposite.

According to beauty lovers, the upcoming year is full of new changes and it appears we will be ditching chic minimalism and embracing the noughties – just like we have on fashion runways so far.

One make-up whizz, Anahita, from New Zealand, advised to best say ''bye, bye to no make-up make-up'', as the current sleek trend was ''dead'' in her eyes.

The beauty lover reckoned that 2024 will see the return of the once-loved sparkly silver eyeshadow, which was the go-to for many celebs and models back in the day.

''We are going to be seeing a lot more messy, grungy silver coming through,'' Anahita said in her video.

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However, if the silver look is not the one for you, you can also embrace a white or pale grey eyeshadow instead, as the whizz insisted these two will be ''dominating'' the world next year.

Our pouts will undergo a makeover too, as we will ditch the nude lippy for a stark contrast look, rocking a dark lip liner and a brighter lipstick in the middle.

''Following on from thr affinity for 90s lips, we are going to see REALLY dark lip liners paired with almost concealer lips.''

Anahita added that this is ''taking our current beauty trends – cherry cola lips – a step further.''

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After years of matte lips followed by a glossy pout, the next natural step, the pro reckoned, was rocking ''Y2K frosted lips'' – a look that's complimented with the same style eye make-up.

''Couldn't be happer to be saying goodbye to the clean girl aestheticand no make-up make-up,'' she wrote in the caption.

Hundreds of social media users flocked to comments to share their opinion – and looks like the '90s-inspired trends are a massive hit.

''Finally frosted lips are back,'' one couldn't wait for 2024.

''I also think thin eyebrows are gonna make a comeback,'' a second penned.

''Embrace maximalism. It's so much more fun'' a third urged.

''White eyeshadow is so pretty,'' someone else chimed in.

Meanwhile, at the nail shop, too, there will be some major changes, as we're ditching oval nails for a more square appearance.

Chatting to Who, What, Wear, Rita Remark, celebrity nail artist and Essie's global lead educator, said: "I've definitely noticed a return to shorter, sportier lengths.

"It feels like a minimalist refresh from the dramatic tapered lengths we saw this summer. Whenever a trend has reigned supreme for enough time, there's always an opposite reaction.

''I think shorter nails are more popular for that reason. We're ready for something new."

The sentiment is also echoed by nail expert Jin Soon Choi, who explained that behind this is the younger generation.

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''Short nails are practical, low-maintenance, and fit into everyone's daily lifestyle, especially Gen Zs, who are into a natural and healthy lifestyle.

''I still remember the hot-red or dark-red short, natural nails in Chanel Beauty campaigns, which were very chic and modern. I am so glad that this trend is back."

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