National Trust to start reopening its parks and gardens from June 3 – The Sun

THE National Trust is to start reopening some of its gardens and parks from June 3 – but there will be restrictions in place.

Twenty-nine sites across England and Northern Ireland are opening their doors once again after being forced to close ten weeks ago due to coronavirus lockdown.

The reopening of outdoor spaces follows the limited opening of car parks earlier this month.

However, while parks and gardens will again welcome guests from next month, they will operate at a limited capacity of just one third to allow visitors to social distance.

All of the facilities, including shops and houses will remain closed until further notice, along with cafes and toilets, while sites across Wales also remain closed.

They will only welcome advanced online bookings via their new booking platform, meaning walk-in visits won't be allowed.

Launching today, the online booking system only lets you book one ticket per person, excluding children under five, with a 30 minute arrival time slot for the day you wish to visit.

The length of time you can stay at the site depends on the location.

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BTS: Fans Already Know Whatever 'Still With You' Is for BTS FESTA Will Be Emotional

Every year, BTS puts on BTS FESTA, an event where the group celebrates their debut and their fans, ARMY. On May 27, the group released a short video teaser for 2020 BTS FESTA. Then on May 28, BTS released an official schedule of the festivities fans can expect from the upcoming BTS FESTA. One of those is titled “Still With You,” and based on the title alone BTS fans already know it will be emotional.

The group puts on BTS FESTA every year

BTS FESTA first began in 2014, and it takes place over the course of two weeks in June to coincide with the anniversary of BTS’s debut date, June 13, 2013. Each year, fans are treated to new Bangtan content like exclusive photos, special music videos, new songs, and more.

On May 27, BTS posted a video teaser for the annual celebration with the caption, “The New Journey to #2020BTSFESTA.” The video teaser incorporated “Epilogue: Young Forever” from BTS’s 2016 album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever.

In 2019, fans surprised the group by singing the song at one of their Wembley Stadium tour stops for their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Tour. It was an emotional moment between BTS and ARMY, and the inclusion of the song in the teaser video hints that this year’s FESTA will be more emotional than past years.

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BTS released a schedule for this year’s FESTA

On May 28, the group posted the official schedule of the 2020 BTS FESTA events. 2020 BTS FESTA will begin on June 1 with an opening ceremony. Over the next few days, there will be an official “Family Portrait,” exclusive photos, and a new choreography video.

While fans have come to expect some of the events because they occur every year, other events on the schedule are brand new. On June 5, there is an event called “Still With You.” While there is no way to know for sure, this is most likely a new song. Last year for FESTA, Jin released his stirring song “Tonight,” touching the hearts of ARMY around the world.

On June 11, the band will release “Map of the Song: 7.” The schedule does let fans know that this is a video release, but fans do not know if it is for a song from Map of the Soul: 7 or something new. The next day on May 12, BTS will do something for “We Are Bulletproof : the Eternal,” one of the most emotional songs from their album Map of the Soul: 7.

Fans already know ‘Still With You’ will be emotional

Based on the inclusion of “Epilogue: Young Forever,” the fact BTS will include “We Are Bulletproof : the Eternal,” and the title of “Still With You,” fans know that this year’s FESTA will be intense. While fans do not know what it is yet, “Still With You” seems to match the emotional tone of this year’s event.

“‘Still with you’ This is gonna be so memorable and heart touching. Coz despite of this pandemic, still we are able to connect with BTS and we are able to continue to make a good memories with them I just imagine, this is gonna be so overwhelming @BTS_twt,” tweeted a fan.

“‘Still With You’ why does it sounds so emotional to me. After all these years. You’re still with us, and we’re still with you. @BTS_twt,” wrote a Twitter user.

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Sky set to end option to pause Sky Sports subscriptions and customers aren’t happy

With all recent sporting events cancelled due to the current health crisis, Sky made the popular decision to allow customers to pause their subscriptions. However, it now seems that time is up on this offer with payments looking set to return to normal next month.

Many Sky customers have begun receiving notifications that they will begin paying again from June and the news has not gone down well.

Sky’s forum pages are full Sports subscribers complaining about the change with many baffled by why they will be paying when most sport is still not available.

Venting their anger, one subscriber said: “My new sky bill has had the sky sports packages added back on to them and we still do not have any sports back on the TV. There is a note saying money will not be taken on future bills however this is currently happening and money is being taken. How is this going to be resolved? It shows that the sports package is paused.’

Whilst another added: “On my account it says my Sky Sports is still paused but on my latest bill I am being charged again from 19th June.”


  • Virgin Media customers can now enjoy Sky TV’s new channels for free

According to MoneySavingExpert, a Sky Sports spokesperson has confirmed that customers who have paused their subscriptions are set to start paying again on Friday 19 June, but stressed this would only happen if live sport has resumed by then.

It’s unclear what sports will be live by June but we do now know that Premier League football will get underway from June 17.

However, other than top-flight football there’s no word on F1, cricket or major golf tournaments so it’s understandable why some Sky customers may feel a little frustrated by the decision. 

To help soften the blow, Sky has confirmed that it will be showing some matches for free on its platform with a total of 25 matches ‘free to air’ for the first time in the history of Sky Sports.

Speaking about the latest Sky Sports news Nick Baker, TV expert at, said: “Many Sky Sports customers who paused their subscription when live action stopped in March may have been surprised to see payments reappear on their June TV bill.

“Sky says that customers won’t be charged anything before mid-June, but it’s naturally disappointing that some consumers have had to find out this way.

“What this does mean, and the good news for many sports fans, is that the Premier League is due to restart on June 19, although this is still subject to change. However, Sky Sports won’t be able to offer the depth and breadth of football, golf, cricket, F1 and other sports that fans expect for some time.

“Many customers may feel hard done by if they have to pay full price for a service that isn’t what they signed up for. If you are not happy, raise your concerns with Sky in the first instance.”

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Coronavirus-related legal tips on handling shared custody

January is prime divorce filings month: Report

Wall Street Journal opinion writer Jillian Melchior discusses why an increased number of couples split in January.

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Many topics have been discussed while the coronavirus has been classified as a pandemic, however, little has been shared about custody arrangements between divorced parents and how it relates to the welfare of children during these troubling times.


FOX Business was able to obtain tips from lawyer Katherine Miller of Miller Law Group, a legal practice that serves clients in New York City and Westchester County, New York. Here are six pieces of advice she shared for parents who are trying to navigate COVID-19 during separation.



This is the time to over-communicate about your children and your plans. A very tight and coordinated co-parenting plan will make the whole family safer.

“I think that it's important to try to over-communicate all the time when your children, but a lot of times that's really hard to do when you're former spouses. So, I think that what we're really trying to do is avoid misunderstanding,” Miller shared, adding that it is even more imperative during a pandemic.

She recommends divorced parents as well as parents who are going through a divorce stay in touch through writing. Sharing clear plans will likely reduce conflict and keep households safe from infection.

For families that have doctors, nurses or emergency service workers, Miller stresses it is important to not penalize custody arrangements on either side, but it is also important to keep children healthy and safe.

“What seemed unreasonably restrictive and controlling three months ago seems appropriate today,” she noted.


Use co-parenting apps.

If over-communication cannot be achieved between the two parents who have custody rights, Miller recommends using co-parenting apps to facilitate discussions. Some apps provide communication resources, while others even go as far as to adjust the tone of whatever the user is writing so negative intent can be avoided, Miller shared.

Two apps she finds herself recommending to parents the most are II Houses and Our Family Wizard.

Use virtual mediation.

Mediation is a common service law firms can provide for cases of divorce. However, given the state of the coronavirus pandemic, the service will more than likely need to be done virtually via video call instead of face to face.

“Mediation of any kind is to interrupt that conflict dynamic, really, and it allows people to hear each other and speak in a way that's more effective so they can reach a resolution,” Miller said. “People need assistance and many, many people do. And it doesn't mean that somebody is a bad person.”



Maintain flexibility.

During this time of uncertainty, Miller says it’s important for parents to be as flexible as possible because custody agreements don’t necessarily align with local coronavirus orders issued by government officials. Finding a temporary yet mutually beneficial solution will help parents find a way to spend time with their children in a healthier way, she adds.

“So, let's say you had an arrangement where the children changed times every two days or three days. Maybe you wanted to do one week on one week off from maybe even two weeks depending obviously on the developmental ages of your children,” Miller provided as an example.

Other potential options may include video call substitutions, careful visitations that follow CDC guidelines or even cohabitation between the divorced parents if it’s manageable.

Prepare for the long term and proceed with caution.

Although tensions are running high due to the severity of the coronavirus, Miller warns both divorced and divorcing parents to not go overboard with behavior that can be perceived by a judge as manipulative.


“When people are getting divorced or splitting up and dealing with their children, mistrust is just a general thing," she said. "Everyone deals with that, and at times can seem controlling. You can’t tell your ex-spouse, ‘Sorry. No, they’re never leaving my house.’ That is going to look poorly when you're in front of a court at a later date.”

Follow lockdown orders.

On the opposite end, Miller stresses it is important to follow lockdown orders.

“At the same time, if a parent is really cavalier about the lockdown or the government orders or the scientific caution and is just like, “No, I don't care. I'm going to get my kids anyway,’ it’s going to reflect badly until we learn more about what that virus can do to children. It’s really something to watch out for,” Miller explained. “If you're in a custody battle, you want to look like you are taking reasonable precautions.”

This may mean having to ensure children and other family members are avoiding public gatherings, churches and other crowded events or using personal protective equipment at all times.

She added, “You need to think about how your actions are going to look to someone who's making a decision about your parenting time with your children.”


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Bayern Munich vs Fortuna Dusseldorf: Robert Lewandowski to score and assist 9/2

BAYERN MUNICH took a huge step towards a record eighth Bundesliga title in a row after an impressive 1-0 win over rivals Borussia Dortmund in midweek.

The champions-elect face Fortuna Dusseldorf on Saturday and it’s Robert Lewandowski who Bayern have to thank for putting them within touching distance of yet another title.


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Lewandowski has scored 27 Bundesliga goals and we’re backing the Polish marksman to get on the scoresheet anytime and provide an assist against Dusseldorf at an appealing 9/2 with Betway.

If you fancy putting a fiver on our Lewandowski tip, you’ll earn yourself £27, if it comes through.

Alphonso Davies has been in sensational form lately and you’d be wise to back the Canadian wing-back to assist 1+ goals at 5/2 with Betway.

Bayern now hold a seven point lead over Dortmund in second-place and a nine point advantage over RB Leipzig in third.

Dusseldorf will be hoping to exit the Allianz Arena having suffered as little damage as possible by the end of this one.

The relegation scrap at the bottom of the Bundesliga is so fierce that goal difference could prove crucial, making every goal between now and the end of the season count for so much more for a Dusseldorf side struggling down in 16th.


Remember to gamble responsibly

A responsible gambler is someone who:

– Establishes time and monetary limits before playing
– Only gambles with money they can afford to lose
– Never chase their losses
– Doesn’t gamble if they’re upset, angry or depressed
– Gamcare-
– Gamble Aware –

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The Real Reason Queen Elizabeth II Always Wears a Hat in Public

Queen Elizabeth II has been the reigning monarch for more than 65 years and has made countless public appearances. Just about every time she’s seen out and about fans can be sure of two things–she’ll be wearing a bright outfit and will have a matching hat on. Well, turns out she has a specific reason for doing so.

Read on to find out why the queen always wears such loud colors and a hat, plus what she does with her old clothes and accessories.

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Why Queen Elizabeth always wears hats and neon colors

ABC News noted that during her reign, Queen Elizabeth has worn over 5,000 different hats. Royal biographer Robert Lacey opined that she doesn’t do it just to make a fashion statement.

“Hats, you see, are obviously very significant items of clothing in a monarch,” he said. “You could say when she’s wearing a hat that she’s wearing a sort of crown substitute.”

In the 2017 documentary The Queen at 90 Sophie, Countess of Wessex revealed her mother-in-law’s exact reasoning for always wearing bright colors with hats.

“She needs to stand out for people to be able to say ‘I saw the queen,’” Sophie explained, adding that a hat gives her more height for those gathered at an event to spot her. “Don’t forget that when she turns up somewhere, the crowds are two, three, four, 10, 15 deep, and someone wants to be able to say they saw a bit of the queen’s hat as she went past.”

The monarch’s biographer Hugo Vickers agreed that “You have to be able to see that figure in a lemon coat and hat from far away.”

What the queen does with her old clothes and accessories

The royal family matriarch will recycle an outfit on occasion. However, when she does it’s planned as her dressing team keeps a log of when and what she wears so she doesn’t repeat outfits often. But what about the clothing she knows she’s never going to wear again?

According to Brian Hoey’s book Not Infront of the Corgis, the queen gives those pieces to her dressers and they can decide if they want to keep or sell them. If they choose the latter though there is a strict condition they must follow before anything leaves their possession.

Hoey said that it cannot be known that anything once belonged to the queen and therefore “all of the labels found on the clothes are removed and anything that could possibly identify it as having come from royalty are obliterated.”

As for her hats, it appears she holds on to them. In fact, DPA Lighting Consultants website noted that the monarch has showcased all her hats and handbags in a London art exhibit. The information stated that the showcase featured “all the queen’s hats and handbags that Her Majesty has used in public engagements since her coronation.” 

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Myka and James Stauffer Made 'Difficult Decision' in Order to Give Son 'Best Treatment': Lawyers

Myka Stauffer's lawyers are speaking out after her decision to "rehome" her son was met with backlash.

Myka revealed in a YouTube video on Wednesday that she and her husband James have placed their son Huxley, whom they adopted from China in October 2017 and was later diagnosed with autism, with a new family.

The couple's lawyers tell PEOPLE that the decision was an incredibly difficult one and was made "to provide Huxley with the best possible treatment and care."

"We are privy to this case and given the facts at hand, we feel this was the best decision for Huxley," Myka and James' lawyers, Thomas Taneff and Taylor Sayers, tell PEOPLE in an exclusive statement. "In coming to know our clients we know they are a loving family and are very caring parents that would do anything for their children."

"Since his adoption, they consulted with multiple professionals in the healthcare and educational arenas in order to provide Huxley with the best possible treatment and care," Taneff and Sayers continue. "Over time, the team of medical professionals advised our clients it might be best for Huxley to be placed with another family."

"This is devastating news for any parent. Our clients came to the difficult determination to follow the advice of the medical professionals.  To be clear this did NOT include any considerations for placement in the foster system, but rather to hand-select a family who is equipped to handle Huxley’s needs. They were forced to make a difficult decision, but it is in fact, the right and loving thing to do for this child."

"We have advised our clients not to say anything further at this time, but it is likely they will share more when the time is appropriate for them and all involved," the attorneys' statement says. "We should be clear that Huxley is a 4-year-old child whose privacy should be fully respected.  We know our clients would ask for your prayers and support and to respect their privacy with what has been the most difficult decision of their lives."

On Wednesday, Myka and James shared their decision to find a new family for Huxley in an emotional video on YouTube.

"Once Huxley came home, there was a lot more special needs that we weren't aware of, and that we were not told," James said in the video, in which the couple explained that Huxley was living with a "new mommy" who has medical training.

"For us, it's been really hard hearing from the medical professionals, a lot of their feedback, and things that have been upsetting," he continued. "We've never wanted to be in this position. And we've been trying to get his needs met and help him out as much as possible … we truly love him."

"There's not an ounce of our body that doesn't love Huxley with all of our being," Myka tearfully added. "There wasn't a minute that I didn't try our hardest and I think what Jim is trying to say is that after multiple assessments, after multiple evaluations, numerous medical professionals have felt that he needed a different fit and that his medical needs, he needed more."

"Do I feel like a failure as a mom? Like, 500 percent," Myka admitted. "The last couple months have been like the hardest thing I could have ever imagined … after pouring our guts and our heart into this little boy."

Myka said that Huxley is currently "thriving" and "happy" with his new family, who are "a very good fit."

The video garnered backlash, with viewers commenting on Twitter and elsewhere online that they will no longer be watching the Stauffers' content.

"Okay but this myka stauffer stuff makes me really sad bc I've watched her since before she adopted Huxley and when I watched the video it made absolutely NO sense?" said a viewer on Twitter. "Your child was too hard to handle? So you … gave him back? Like … a gift receipt. That poor sweet thing."

"Giving away one of my children isn't a viable option for me, though," added another Twitter user. "Surely there are better methods of managing the obligations you willingly accepted. Frankly, I'm not interested in any kind of advice from anyone who would do this."

Meanwhile others offered words of support to the family.

"Before we attack this woman we don't know what the child needs were at home," one woman wrote on Facebook. "Some of these children that come from orphanages from overseas have severe behavioral issues. He could've been hurting her children doing stuff that we just don't know about. Sometimes that may mean putting him in an environment that is safe for him and safe for others. The child will thrive in a place better suited for him."

"It's not only because he has autism," another said on a separate Facebook post. " 'Once Huxley came home, there was a lot more special needs that we weren't aware of, and that we were not told,' It says. I do not know about his medical conditions and its theirs to keep it private if they want for The sake of his privacy."

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These universities have the highest endowments

Colleges may go bankrupt if students don’t return: Chegg CEO

Chegg CEO Dan Rosensweig discusses colleges potentially going out of business as a result of the coronavirus and how the company is putting students first during the pandemic.

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When it comes time to pick a university, prospective students and their parents may evaluate a variety of factors ranging from financial aid, class size, and location to its athletic facilities.

The other consideration — one that may be overlooked — is the value of a university. This can be measured by the size of their endowment, which is the sum total of assets invested into a particular institution.


Although endowments usually come in the form of money, donations can also come in the form of buildings, land, and other items that attain a high monetary value, according to The Best Schools. In either case, these donations go towards supporting an institution's academic goals.

FILE – In this Dec. 13, 2018, file photo, a gate opens to the Harvard University campus in Cambridge, Mass. The U.S. Education Department said Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020, it is investigating foreign gifts made to Harvard and Yale as part of a broader r

The wealthier a university is, the better position it will be in to support professors, graduate students and undergraduate students while creating state-of-the-art facilities fueled with top tier technology.

Not only do wealthier institutions attract a world-class faculty but they also have more financial means to distribute scholarship money and in some cases waive tuition fees, according to The Best Schools which compiled a list of the top ten wealthiest universities in North America as of 2019.


Sitting atop the list, unsurprisingly so, is none other than Harvard University with an endowment of $38.3 billion, which makes the ivy league school the wealthiest in North America and it also stakes its claim as the wealthiest in the world. The school was founded in 1636 as New College before being renamed after John Harvard, the college’s first benefactor.

The school's extensive list of high profile donors includes the NFL Players Association, David Rockefeller, Emily Rauh Pulitzer, Kenneth C. Griffin and Bill and Melinda Gates, according to the outlet.

Following right behind is the University of Texas system which has a value surpassing $30.8 billion. A majority of its donations derive from individual donors including the Moody Foundation, Hearst Corporation, and Mulva Family Foundation, the outlet reported.


Here are the top schools and their worth as reported by The Best Schools:

1. Harvard University : $38.3 Billion

2. The University of Texas System : $30.8 Billion

3. Yale University : $29.3 Billion

4. Stanford University : $26.4 Billion

5. Princeton University : $25.9 Billion

6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: $16.5 Billion

7. University of Pennsylvania : $13.7 Billion

8. Texas A&M University System : $13.5 Billion

9. University of Michigan : $11.9 Billion

10.  Northwestern University : $11.08 Billion


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Daily horoscope for May 29: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Your horoscope for this Friday witnesses the Sun form a Sextile with Asteroid Chiron in Aries. The Sextile aspect is commonly considered similar to a Trine, although there is an important distinction between the two.

Although Sextiles, like Trines, point to some talent and ease, they possess a little more power.

Astrologers agree the end of the working week is consequently time for constructive communication.

So take some time the Friday to really articulate your innermost ideas.

Be brave enough to speak your mind and give your life renewed purpose.


  • Coronavirus astrology: Astrologer’s claim COVID-19 ‘will disappear’

The key point to understand today is to be authentic.

And remember you are not about to let anyone tell you what to think nor what to do.

Gemini is a real talker so some observers are known to complain it’s hard to get Gemini to shut up.

However, you do not really want Gemini to do this, as the world is filled with Gemini creatives keeping you entertained during lockdown.

Gemini is here to tantalise, inform, initiate dialogue and entertain.

The star sign does not care either way, as long as entertaining chit-chat is flowing.

This is important right now, because the Sun’s in Gemini, underlining the importance of conversation.

Express your mind at this time, get your thoughts out there and candidly connect with others.


  • Prince William Tarot reading: What did the card reveal about the Duke?

Hear what they think, as listening is just as important.

So hit that balance – Talk, listen, but most importantly be constructive.

With the Sun sextiles Chiron in Aries, it takes courage to really say what you think.

The Moon soon leaves Leo and enters Virgo and you are ready to get down to the nitty gritty.

It’s time to heal, talk it out and see your life gain a new sense of meaning and purpose.

The Moon moves from Leo into Virgo, meaning it is time to act.

There is a Half Moon in the evening sky and that means one thing.

Decisions are looming and you will soon need to decide which way you want to play this.

However, for now, gather your intelligence, speak up and listen.

There is plenty of news arriving as the Moon and Mercury create their Sextile.

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How to make your candles last longer

If you’re a candle lover, you’ll know the pain of burning through your favorite scents in what seems like no time at all. And no matter the size or price point, the less you burn your candles, the quicker they seem to disappear. Well, as it turns out, there’s a reason for this. In fact, there are multiple things you don’t know you’re doing that may be causing your candle to evaporate.

Firstly, when you first buy or receive a new candle, you need to set it up for success. “You should always burn your candle for a couple of hours when first lighting it,” Julie Bonin at Diptyque told Harper’s Bazaar. “This is to allow the top layer of wax to fully melt, ensuring even burning when next lighting it. Wax has a memory so it is important not to skip this step to make sure you get the most even burning out of your candle.”

Candle wicks should be trimmed regularly

Secondly, you need to be strategic about where you place it. “In the heat, candles will start to sweat,” Megan Piorek, owner and candlemaker at Candle Threads told Martha Stweart. “Keep candles dry and in normal room temperature.” You should also keep it away from any drafts or open windows. “Avoid placing your candle in a draughty area, as this means your candle will be consumed more rapidly,” advises Bonin.

Lastly, if you want your candles to last longer, you should trim your candle wicks after every use. “Trimming the wick is very important,” said Bonin. “The longer the wick the quicker your candle will burn, so trimming it will make it last longer. It also prevents black smoke from occurring and ensures the glass isn’t over-heating,” she added. The best thing to do when trimming is to aim for the same length that it was when you first brought it.

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