I tried to help a neighbour with his parcel but my boob stole the limelight – I wondered why he was rude, I’m mortified | The Sun

FOR parents with a newborn, all the responsibility on top of a distinct lack of sleep can leave you feeling totally frazzled. 

It’s practically a recipe to make embarrassing oversights – as one poor mum found out the hard way when she had an awkward encounter with her neighbour. 

The unnamed mum began the clip by joking with viewers: “How’s your day going, ‘cause mine’s just great.” 

While holding her little one, she continued: “Basically, we’ve just had a delivery at the door, and so I went and got it.

“And the delivery man said ‘Hope you don’t mind, but your next door neighbour is not in, would you mind taking next door’s?’” 

The helpful mum quickly assured him that it was absolutely fine, and only “a matter of minutes later” the neighbour himself appeared to collect the parcel. 

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But immediately, she realised something was a bit wrong with the man’s demeanour, and she couldn’t quite put her finger on why. 

“They’re usually very chatty and very nice,” she explained, “but today, it was almost verging on rude.” 

She said she racked her mind for what she might have done as her neighbour grabbed his package and quickly skedaddled. 

It was only on walking back into the house that the mum realised the reason for everyone’s slight discomfort – unbeknownst to her, her boob had been completely out from breastfeeding her baby earlier. 

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She then phoned her husband at work to vent to him, but got an even more embarrassing shock when she called him. 

“I said ‘oh my God babe I’m mortified’, and he said ‘You answered the door with your t** out didn’t you?’” 

When she asked how on earth he already knew, he told her that he’d received the delivery note from DPD with – believe it or not – a shot showing the bare-chested mum in all her glory in the top corner of the photo. 

“I hope you enjoyed your meal,” the mortified mum jokingly told her tot as she finished filming. 

The clip quickly racked up thousands of views, with dozens of users leaving comments about the hilarious story. 

“Oh I needed that laugh,” one wrote alongside a row of cackling emojis. 

“Brilliant, just brilliant,” another agreed. 

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