Are Penguin biscuits the same as Bourbons? | The Sun

BISCUIT lovers have been left stunned after discovering a connection between Penguin bars and Bourbons.

But are the snacks the same and what has McVitie's said in response? Here's everything you need to know.

Are Penguin biscuits the same as Bourbons?

Penguin bars and Bourbons share the same biscuit mix – the differences between the two is the filling and that Penguins are covered in milk chocolate.

Created way back in 1910, the Bourbon is described as a sandwich biscuit consisting of two thin rectangular dark chocolate-flavoured biscuits with a chocolate buttercream filling.

On the other hand the Penguin, made my McVitie's, is described as milk chocolate–covered biscuit bars filled with chocolate cream.

To put the revelation to the test – one TikTok user melted the chocolate off of a Penguin to prove that their was a Bourbon underneath.

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Following the test, content creator Lauren, also known on the social media platform as @larensaddingtonx, joked: ''I've been lied to my whole life.''

She added: "I will never be able to get over that a Penguin is a Bourbon biscuit, that is crazy."

However, she was not the only chocolate fan that tried to get to the bottom of the biscuit debate.

In 2021, TikTok user Jake posted a clip in which he could be seen dunking his Penguin in his tea which sees the chocolate coating melt away to expose the biscuit underneath.

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Captioning his video, Jake wrote: ''How old were you when you found out that a Penguin was a Bourbon covered in chocolate!!!''

What has McVitie's said about Penguins?

In September 2018, a social media user took to X (formerly known as Twitter) after hearing Steve Allen and Chris Moyles discuss the biscuit revelation.

After tuning in and hearing that Penguins are ''just a Bourbon Cream covered in chocolate'' the social media user called on McVitie's to confirm the speculation and settle the debate once and for all.

And the biscuit brand did just that.

Responding to the tweet, McVitie's wrote: ''Hi there, thanks for your message. The biscuits within the penguin is the same as a bourbon but the chocolate and filling is different. Thanks!''

After seeing the post, a number of shocked users flocked to respond, with one writing: ''Every day is a school day,'' while a second said: ''McVitie's have even confirmed it.''

When did Penguins launch?

According to McVitie's official website the popular Penguin bar was first launched in 1932.

The tasty treat was first introduced by William McDonald – a biscuit manufacturer in Glasgow.

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Penguin's later became a McVitie's brand in 1946 – and just over a decade later, the first advert for the biscuit bar was printed in 1957.

Since then, McVitie's have made several different versions of the biscuit which comes with a chocolatey chuckle or penguin pun – such as the original bar, an orange version, a mint version and even a cake bar.

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