Rwanda not so much a defeat as an utter thumping – Rishi Sunak must now reveal his Plan B | The Sun

IT wasn’t so much a defeat but an absolute thumping.

Not since Boris Johnson’s attempt to suspend Parliament in 2019 have ministers' plans been so brutally shredded in the courts.

Suella Braverman revealed in her bombshell departure letter yesterday that she had been warning of this scenario for months, but No10 insisted they have a “Plan B”.

If that is truly the case they better get cracking on it asap because the mood in the Tory party ranges from despair on the left to vitriol on the right.

Rishi Sunak will address the nation later this afternoon, as his critics on the Tory right warn “this feels existential for our party”.

A former Cabinet Minister said a confidence vote in Sunak's leadership is now “very plausible”



PM fights back after Rwanda plan ruled unlawful & vows to do 'whatever it takes'


Suella accuses PM of 'betraying nation' in dossier after being sacked

Hardliners warn that without some serious nuclear options  – or what Suella described as “upsetting polite thought” – like reforming the Human Rights Act, the Government is fairly snookered.

Calls for emergency legislation to block the long arm of the Strasbourg Human Rights Court are already coming in thick and fast.

New Home Secretary James Cleverly – who has inherited the intray from hell – is doubling down today, saying “clearly there is an appetite” for the concept of offshore processing of migrants.

And the PM is also putting on a brave face, saying: “Crucially, the Supreme Court has confirmed that the principle of sending illegal migrants to a safe third country for processing is lawful.

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PM fights back after Rwanda plan ruled unlawful & vows to do ‘whatever it takes’


Suella accuses PM of ‘betraying nation’ in dossier after being sacked


Rishi has Plan B if Rwanda is sunk by Supreme Court today, No10 insists


Tory right put PM on notice in letter warning of losing ‘coalition of voters’

But the problem lies in where are they going to do it?

Rwanda is out now, but it was the only country ministers had convinced with a large cheque to go along with the plan.

If the PM doesn’t have a backup country, its hard to see how his “Plan B” going to cut it.

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