Big Brothers Tom and Jenkin say why they didnt confront housemates before exit

Big Brother stars Jenkin Edwards and Tom Bryant have revealed exactly why they didn't confront their housemates before their double exit.

The pair alongside Jordan Shangha were all sent into the spare room as part of a fake eviction after the trio were put up for eviction by their fellow cast members. However, in a shock twist, the three of them were put into the spare room and got to spy on their housemates while the public voted which person could go back in and continue on as a housemate.

After becoming increasingly frustrated while watching their co-stars on screen for 48 hours, Tom was seen in the diary room saying: "We’re all under the agreement that whoever goes in, is going to put all three people’s points across and say exactly what we’re all thinking." However, when Jordan, Jenkin and Tom were reunited with their co-stars in the garden to find the result of the public vote, things didn't go to plan.

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Speaking to Daily Star and other press, Tom said: "I probably had the most to say out of everyone, it's not really a secret. I did lose my head in that room a little bit and the conditions got to me and the lack of being able to go to the garden and having a smoke got me.

"We knew that was potentially going to be the last moments in the house so I thought if i go out there and started shouting and having a pop at people about everything little thing they did to annoy me, then I'd look back at this in two years and think 'wow, you look like an absolute d**khead.

"I may look like a d**K for not saying this, that or the other but I started the experience on a high note so I thought I may as well try and end it on a happy note as well. Tom was accused of "not living up to his word" by frustrated Big Brother fans before his exit, with one saying his confrontational plan had "flopped" and others questioning why he didn’t give the housemates "a piece of his mind".

Before leaving the house, Jenkin told his housemates: "I went in there with my head held high and opinions very strong of most of you, unfortunately, my opinions have changed now. I've seen conversations which have been had about us and about yourselves which has changed my opinion on a lot of things."

He savagely went on to say he’d felt like Big Brother had turned into a "children’s programme", warning the remaining housemates: "You need to remember why you’re here, who you are and what you came here for. Stop thinking about the outside, think about yourselves, and stay true to yourselves."

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Jenkin told Daily Star: "I said everything I wanted to say but I wish I bit my tongue a bit more just because I never wanted to leave with a bitter taste in my mouth and I'm proud of them all and I wish them all the best and I think a part of be is gutted I didn't get to say that. I do regret not biting my tongue and I'll be seeing them on Friday."

Big Brother airs Sunday to Thursday on ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm followed by Big Brother Late & Live at 10pm

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