Russell Brand was accused of lurking like creepy stalker at Fox News in 2014

Russell Brand faces further claims as more women reportedly come forward

Russell Brand was once likened to a “deranged, creepy stalker” by Sean Hannity after he showed up uninvited at Fox News headquarters.

In 2014, Brand claimed he had a scheduled appearance on Hannity’s show that was cancelled, but decided to show up to the building anyway.

He began filming an episode of his YouTube webcast The Trews focusing on Islamaphobia before the building’s security arrived and asked him to leave.

When Brand refused, the guard threatened to arrest him but the comedian was uncooperative.

He later entered the building and asked for a tour, but was denied.

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“Tell Sean Hannity I dropped by to chat to him,” he asked the building’s receptionist.

“Say ‘Russell Brand from Trews, true news’.”

Brand then complied with the guards’ request to leave the premises, but aimed one last dig at Fox outside headquarters.

“Whether the subject is Islamophobia or just the freedom to be in a lobby, Fox is a difficult organization to work with,” he remarked.

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Fox News went on to deny that Brand was ever scheduled to be interviewed by Hannity.

“Russell Brand was never booked on the show and therefore couldn’t have been canceled,” Hannity’s executive producer Porter Berry told The Hollywood Reporter.

Later, the Fox presenter took to Twitter, now X, to send Brand a scathing remark after the incident.

Tagging Brand’s account @rustyrockets, Hannity wrote: “I heard you were lurking around Fox today like a deranged creepy stalker and begging to be on the show.”

The BBC has announced it will be launching a review into Brand’s time at the broadcaster following sexual assault and rape allegations released last week.

He is also unable to monetise his YouTube channel after the platform suspended advertising on his videos for “violating its policy”.

Russell Brand has denied the allegations and said his relationships were “absolutely always consensual”.

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