Bloke married to virtual character campaigning for fictosexual relationships

A bloke who fell in love with and married a virtual character manifested as a life-size virtual singing doll has said he is campaigning for "fictosexual" relationships.

Akihiko Kondo from Japan, is sick of being called "weird," "crazy" and "psycho" and so he has started up the FictoSexual Association to promote understanding of fictosexuality, but currently only has four members.

The a 40-year-old civil servant from Tokyo married the doll – which actually started out life as a hologram – in 2018, in a lavish £13,500 ceremony with around 40 guests, minus his parents who refused to go.

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Kondo is now being described by some as "a pioneer for the fictosexual movement". Fictosexuality is a general term for anyone who experiences sexual or romantic attraction toward fictional characters.

"We founded the FictoSexual Association to promote understanding of fictosexuality because society does not have a good understanding of the issue," Kondo said.

The group only has four members at the moment, but has hopes of organising an event later in 2023.

"Fictosexual people are often afraid of persecution and do not have a forum to talk honestly about their feelings," Kondo added.

"I think talking can help them find out what they are thinking," he said. "I hope that in the future, fictosexuals are not persecuted, and every wedding venue will accept them if that is where they want to hold their wedding."

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Izumi Tsuji, a professor of the sociology of culture at Chuo University and secretary of the Japan Youth Study Group, said: "Fictosexuals appeared around the same time as Japan's Otaku culture, in the 1980s and 1990s."

"Otaku" is a slang term that translates to "geek" or "nerd".

Tsuji said Kondo is a pioneer for the fictosexual movement.

His doll is in the image of Hatsune Miku, a computer-generated pop singer that has previously toured with Lady Gaga.

The pair have been happily married for five years. Speaking to the Asahi news outlet, he said: "Every day, I tell her things like ‘I’m off to work’ and ‘You look cute'.

"I guess my priorities were inverted when I was fascinated with video games and anime, putting fictional characters over real people."

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