Ex-Navy admiral claims discovery on ocean floor could be underwater UFO base

A former US Navy admiral claims a recent discovery on the ocean floor could be the entrance to a secret underwater UFO base.

Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet was one of the navy’s top oceanography experts during his career. He now believes there's a “lack of scientific curiosity” when it comes to studying the numerous reports of unidentified flying objects apparently plunging into the sea.

One particular feature from a recent scan of the sea bed really needs to be investigated, he believes.

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Tim had asked his friend, noted undersea explorer Victor Vescovo, to scan the sea bed near Catalina in the wake of the dozens of sightings of UAPs in the area – including the famous Nimitz encounter.

Victor discovered what seemed to be a "wedge" on the floor. “I've not been able to find a natural explanation for it,” Tim said.

"The anomaly looks like a wedge taken out of a thing called a knoll. It’s an underwater ridge basically – and a wedge from it was totally carved out and horizontally displaced by two kilometres.

“I just want to find an explanation for it, but it does cause one to speculate. Is that evidence of an undersea UAP interaction with the sea floor? Or even a location for undersea infrastructure where these things go?"

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He doesn’t plan to reveal the location of this possible “UFO base” just yet and added: "I'm keeping the coordinates close because I've been approached by a producer from Netflix and he may be funding an expedition to go dive on it.”

All he will say is that it’s in the Southern California bight, somewhere between Catalina Island and Long Beach. Catalina Island has been noted as a UFO hotspot since the mid-1960s, and is the location of the 2014 USS Nimitz encounter that brought the “Tic-Tac” UFOs to global attention.

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Victor and Tim are now planning a more detailed mission to explore this mysterious feature and try to unravel its secrets.

Tim is also working with Harvard Astronomy professor Avi Loeb, who recently recovered metallic spheres of “likely extrasolar composition” from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, just off the coast of Papua New Guinea.

Loeb says those spheres are, at the very least, fragments of an asteroid that came from outside our solar system. But he argues that it's possible that the object may have been a probe sent to Earth by an alien, and very ancient, civilisation.

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