Paris Fury in relatable parenting blunder as she brings five kids to dentist on wrong day

Paris Fury has given fans a glimpse into her hectic life as a mum-of-seven as she shared one relatable mishap on her Instagram story.

Sharing a photo of the five of her children, the busy mum, 32, revealed that she had rushed them all to the dentist only to discover that their appointments were actually a day later.

Posting the snap to her Instagram Story, Paris wrote: "Family check up! Funny, not so funny story….

"Rushed like a mad woman to get there on time, double brushed everyone's teeth, called schools to tell them they were at the dentist/ book their dinner and that was yesterday for what I thought was today's appointment.

"So had the same again today [crying emojis]."

Paris followed this with a photo of her daughter Athena in the dentist chair, to which she added the caption: "Athena's 1st Dentist visit, she loved it."

It comes after Paris opened up about life as mum-of-seven in her new book How Does She Do It? The Kids, Tyson & Me, in which she revealed she once considered hiring an extra pair of hands around the house, with six kids running riot at the time.

"At one stage when I was feeling particularly frazzled, I did toy with the idea of employing a nanny," Paris revealed.

"My chosen candidate came over to see the children in their home environment one afternoon and within hours she emailed me politely to rule herself out. The kids had been especially wild that day, so I could hardly blame her."

She also hit out at online mum-shamers who had criticised her for the hairstyles she had chosen for her sons, with some even likening them to 1950s gangsters.

She wrote: "I won’t let my sons out of the house if their hair isn’t styled or gelled," she wrote. "I once posted a family photo on Instagram – I think it was Athena’s christening – and somebody commented that my boys looked like 1950s mobsters. Well, I’d rather that than looking like scruff-bags."

Following the success of their fly-on-the-wall docu-series, At Home With the Furys, the Fury family have hired a number of bodyguards, amid fears that their children could be at risk of being kidnapped.

Paris told The Sun: "We’re taking into account at the moment that it’s made the kids famous. Often, we have to employ bodyguards if we’re together in public.

"I frequently worry about them being kidnapped. Do we want to go down that route, because how can you live a normal life if you have a bodyguard?

“Venezuela is starting to go places by herself. She went to the races last week and had a security team. She was asking why she had a bodyguard, as she found it embarrassing."

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