Drake & Josh Star Josh Peck Was Almost Edward Cullen In Twilight?!?

Sorry, WHAT?!

We’ve heard a lot of Hollywood what-if casting stories. Most recently we got a really good peek into what The Notebook starring Britney Spears might have been like. But this one is SO unexpected! Especially to the star in question!

Josh Peck had Taylor Lautner on his Great Guys podcast this week, and he revealed to the Twilight alum — for the first time we’ve heard it — that he was a “close” runner-up to play the role of Edward Cullen! Huh?? For real! The Drake and Josh star recalled:

“I remember it’s like 2006? 7? They’re like, ‘Audition for this movie, Twilight, it’s based on a book it’s going to be great.’ So I send in my tape, for Edward. A month later, I’m with my manager he goes, ‘It’s down to you and three guys, you’re close.’”

Obviously one of those three guys was Robert Pattinson, who got the part. But to think one of the runners up was JOSH? Of Drake and Josh?? That close to playing Edward?? Just a couple years later it wouldn’t have been that wild a thought. We mean, look at him during his emo phase in 2009.

That’s a guy who could sparkle in sunlight, right? Look at those baby blues!

But again, as Josh reminds, this was a couple years before his glow-up! Or as he puts it:

“I’m like, ‘Really?’ I hadn’t even had a tummy tuck yet, I’m like, ‘There’s no way. He’s got to be so shirtless, it’s not going to happen.’ Spoiler alert — didn’t get it.”

We don’t know if his manager was just being optimistic or what, but that is a WILD thought experiment! LOLz! Josh laughs at the very the possibility to this day:

“But I remember then seeing R-Patz playing this part I’m like, ‘In what f**king world were they like, okay here’s what we’re thinking, Chris Hemsworth or Stanley Tucci?’ Like what the f**k? Impossible!”

Ha! Don’t be so self-deprecating, Josh! You’re a hunky guy! Just, yeah, not Pattinson we guess… But hey, who is?? The other actors who reportedly got close for Edward were Ben Barnes, Shiloh Fernandez, and Jackson Rathbone — and none of those guys are R-Patz, either!

Do YOU think Josh Peck could have turned Twilight into an international phenomenon? Ch-ch-check out the full convo (below)!

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