Doxxed Woman Invites Controversy After Eating Neighbor's Entire Delivery – But Video Might Tell A Different Story

Police were called and soon after a picture of the woman's home and children were posted online accusing her of "robbing" the outraged neighbor — but certain details about the story seriously divided public opinion

A woman who just moved to a new neighborhood has found herself at odds with the entire community after an apparent misunderstanding.

Confused and scared, the 30-year-old took to the internet seeking advice on an anonymous forum after her personal information was exposed by an irate neighbor.

While the tale is impossible to verify considering the anonymity of the poster, the Reddit community took the whole narrative very seriously — but that doesn’t mean they were in agreement when it came time to offer a verdict on who was right or wrong.

Read on to see the wild story for yourself.

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My Neighbor Is Trying To Cancel Us For Something He Did

“I (30f) just moved into a new house with my husband (39m) and children. My neighbor is hellbent on cancelling us for a mistake HE made,” OP (original poster) began.

“A little background on this, in the beginning of the month, a package was delivered to my front door from a company I didn’t know. The address was our address but the name was different,” she explained. “We called the company and tried to find out who sent it or if we can contact them to tell them they sent it to the wrong house. The company told us ‘no we can’t give customer information and to keep the box and the customer had to call to re-ship it’. We just moved in so we have no idea who our neighbors are. It was a huge gift basket inside and there had to be at least $300 worth of cookies and food.”

“A week later I come home from work and a man is waiting on our porch,” she went on, describing her first encounter with the outraged neighbor. “He didn’t say hi just demanded we give his package back. I told him, the company told us the address was wrong and to just keep it because there was food inside and they couldn’t give contact information.”

You could have [made] some effort to find the addressee. Knocked on a few doors. Asked folks if they knew where Mr. X lived. You did nothing.

“The guy freaked out and started screaming we stole it from him,” she recalled. “That, even though the address that he put in were wrong, we should have tried harder to find him. I told him we just moved here and we didn’t know anyone. How would we find him? Go door to door with a huge box asking who’s it was? He basically said yes, we should have and we stole it…”

That’s when OP claimed to have receipts.

“Now, we live in a time where there are cameras on almost every house and we are no exception. We showed the guy the camera footage of FedEx dropping the box off and that we clearly didn’t steal it. The person who sent it to him addressed the package wrong and it was delivered here,” she continued. “He still refused to believe it. He didn’t believe the wrong address was given. He then demanded we give all the stuff back and pack it up. We couldn’t give it all back because it’s a week later and some of the stuff we brought to a party and other stuff was perishable food.”

Soon, law enforcement got involved.

“This guy was furious. He said he was calling the police and left. We thought he was just pissed. This dude called the police though! They questioned us because obviously they had to, but we showed the footage and they just said they couldn’t do anything,” OP explained.

But it didn’t end there.

“This guy was not accepting he did something wrong. He still thinks we stole from him and proceed to tell all of the other neighbors that we ‘robbed him’. How did I find out? It was on Facebook in a town mom group I follow,” OP said. “There was a picture of my house and my family. We live in a close knit town so it’s already hard being new here. People are completely isolating us now. The guy obviously has more history in our neighborhood so people will believe him more. It’s depressing.”

“At this point I just feel like giving him cash for the package and telling him to leave us the F [alone],” she concluded, adding, “My husband thinks I’m crazy, and doesn’t want to give him anything and is contemplating calling a lawyer. I’m at a loss do I just pay him to go away or do we drag this on?”

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The Internet, Of Course, Was Divided

As one might imagine, the tale invited serious discussion — with some Redditors taking the woman’s side while others believed she did not make nearly enough effort to find the owner of the delivery.

The most popular responses either had to do with revenge plots or the illegality of doxxing children online.

“Post the video of the delivery driver dropping it off, and the video of you talking to him/explaining,” one highly rated comment read. “He posted a photo of your family and house…totally justified in defending yourself. And calling him out especially if you have children that can be seen in the family photo.”

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While another advised on the severity of her children’s images and address being exposed: “The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) makes it criminal to post personally identifiable information of minors online. If he posted a picture of your kids and your address, he has committed a crime and you need to screenshot the post and his profile on Facebook and call the police. He is harassing you, that is also illegal, but this is serious.”

Others, meanwhile, just felt not enough effort was made to find the owner of the box.

“Brand new to town, knew enough to immediately find the Facebook page, but couldn’t figure out how to post a picture of this ginormous package there and say it came to our house in error, please contact me with your name if it is yours,” a Redditor chimed in. “You aren’t being cancelled. You are, however, being overly dramatic. Perhaps he is as well and that is what spurs this. Regardless, don’t try and match the crazy of a crazy.”

Then came a bizarre conclusion from that same Redditor: “Listen to your husband.”

If he posted a picture of your kids and your address, he has committed a crime and you need to screenshot the post and his profile on Facebook and call the police.

Regardless of whatever that last line meant, there was some agreement among fellow commenters.

“You could have [made] some effort to find the addressee. Knocked on a few doors. Asked folks if they knew where Mr. X lived,” a Redditor noted. “You did nothing.”

Others challenged the “cancelled” narrative, as one commenter wrote: “You’re not being cancelled” and added an eye roll emoji.

OP replied: “When someone is telling everyone you stole from them and taking pictures of you and your family…it’s cancelling.”

That response garnered lots of downvotes from the online community, seeming to imply some Redditors felt it was a bit too much.

What do you think?

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