My man tattooed the face of a woman on my arm – I was livid when I found out who she was | The Sun

A WOMAN has been left livid after finding out her ex-boyfriend allegedly tattooed the face of the woman he was cheating on her with on her arm.

She explained that while dating her now ex, she'd asked him – a professional tattooist – to do her an inking of the Biblical character Lilith on her arm.

According to the Bible, Lilith is a "wilderness demon shunned by the prophet Isaiah".

But as no-one knows what Lilith looked like, she left the depiction of her on the tattoo up to him – giving him permission to "freestyle" it.

"When he showed me the design, and I didn't know that that was the girl he was cheating on me at the time with," she said.

"And so, of course, I was like, yeah, I love it.

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"Let's go for it."

So they went ahead with the tattoo and everything was fine until he later broke up with her.

At the time of the split, he is also said to have admitted cheating on her with his ex-girlfriend.

The woman alleges that once they'd broken up, she did some "researching" and found the woman's social media pages.,

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Upon doing so, she says she discovered "what she looks like, and it's the same exact face on my arm".

While she initially thought people would think she was "crazy", she claims that when she told her nearest and dearest and showed them a picture of the woman, they were certain it was "definitely" this other woman too.

She concluded her video by asking if anyone knows of a good lawyer as she's considering looking into where she stands in terms of taking legal action against him.

"I don't even know if I can sue him because I didn't know that that was his ex's face – the girl that he was cheating on me with," she alleged.

"If I had known that, I would have obviously never gotten the design."

Her ex-boyfriend has hit back at her claims, insisting that he got the picture that he based the tattoo on from the Internet, and hadn't based it on his ex at all.

He also alleged that they only dated for four months, and their split had happened two years ago.

People were quick to comment on the woman's original video, with one writing: "Nah that’s a different type of evil to do to someone. I’m so sorry."

"You can take him to court so he can pay for the removal. Gather evidence and get a lawyer," another suggested.

"This story made my stomach hurt. I just can't even fathom how someone can torture another human like this," a third wrote.

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"Maybe turn it into a spooky tattoo like add a skull face/sugar skull detailing," someone else commented.

Others in the comments directed people to her ex-boyfriend's denial, calling her story "lies".

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