You have a high driving IQ if you can work out which licence plates are the odd ones out in under 7 seconds | The Sun

ONLY those with sharp eyes can locate the duplicate car plates in just seven seconds.

The sea of numbers and letters may play tricks on your mind as you race the clock to solve this one out.

If you're a proud car owner, the answer should be a no-brainer.

Stuck in traffic?Try memorising other cars' plate numbers to improve your critical thinking.

Memorisation helps improve all cognitive function of your brain.

Looking at these licence plates carefully could sharpen your eyesight and memory.

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An eagle eye proves useful in driving and solving optical illusions.

Try to figure out which licence plates stand out from the others.

It might seem like an easy task, but one in five people give up on the challenge altogether.

If you're still racking up your brain, then there's a hint for you: one is hiding in the bottom right corner!

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Watch out carefully for any repeating numbers and letters.

There can't be two cars with the same plate number, so find the impostor.

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Optical illusions and brain puzzles can lift your mood, improve your brain functions and test your eyesight.

The answer to licence plate puzzle hides in the bottom right corner of the image.

Another one is at the top half of the image.

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Look for WN08 PQJ written on the plates, and you'll find that they're identical.

You can see the answer in the image below.

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