You could have the high IQ of Sherlock Holmes if you can work out where the hidden snail is in under 10 seconds | The Sun

CAN you work out where the hidden snail is in this busy park? If so, you could have the high IQ of Sherlock Holmes.

Time to put your puzzle-solving skills to the test and try spotting the tiny animal in less than 10 seconds.

It is not easy to spot it at first glance, as this tricky image is meant to test your observation skills.

Set your timer to 10 seconds and give it a go.

The trick is to quickly examine the elements in the scene, one by one.

Have you spotted the snail?

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People with above average vision can spot the hidden animal faster than others.

If you look attentively, you might be able to spot the snail hiding in the park.

Hurry up – the clock is ticking.

Still nothing? No need to worry as the answer will be highlighted in the image below.

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This busy park scene is a classic example of an optical illusion, JagranJosh reports.

They are created to fool our brains and test our intelligence levels.

If you want to give a go at another challenge, try spotting the five mistakes in this wintry scene.

At first, this image might seem perfectly fine.

But little mistakes here and there will soon start popping up the more you look at it.

Before you start cracking this mind-boggling image, take a few seconds to prepare yourself.

It might also be useful to get a notepad to keep track of your progress.

The answers might be a little challenging, but if you pay attention long enough you're in the lucky three per cent of people who can solve this, experts at said.

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If you begin from the right, the first mistake will be right in front of you.

As you make your way to the left, you will soon start spotting the other, less obvious, mistakes.

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