We’re furious a brewery is opening a beer garden –smell and noise will be awful… council have let us down | The Sun

NEIGHBOURS have been left furious over plans to open a beer garden near their homes and said the smell and noise will be awful.

Locals living in South Wales said the "council has let them down" after giving permission to serve booze outdoors.

Brew Monster won a battle to serve alcohol in their outdoor garden in Caerphilly Town.

The plans also include permission to provide late night refreshments and play recorded music in a former Plumb Save building.

But outraged residents said the monstrous move will bring “noise and public disorder”.

Resident Emma Blewden is worried the establishment, which is close to Twyn School, will fill the school's yard with smoke.

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The mum-of-two said: “Caerphilly has enough bars as it is, and this one is in plain sight of the school yard.

“If the school was down wind, smoke would blow over. There’s also the smell from the brewery.”

Ms Blewden slammed the council for “pushing it through during lockdown” and claimed parents “should have been informed sooner”.

“I feel annoyed and let down”, she fumed.

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Neighbours said smells coming from the brewery will disrupt their gardens.

Paul Brown said the bar’s smoking area would be close to bedrooms on Southern Street – which can be affected by the smell.

Fellow neighbour Brigid Brown added: “The majority of breweries are out of town or on industrial estates.

"I want to be able to enjoy my garden without the noise and irritation."

But Brew Monster managing director Glenn White disagrees and blasted some of the criticism and accusations from residents have been "a joke".

Mr White said he's making sure the new are doesn't “have a detrimental impact on those living nearby and those with children attending the nearby school”. 

He added the pub will help "thrive in the future" and promised more staff would be hired to manage the outdoor space.

"We consider ourselves to be an asset to Caerphilly," he said.

Environmental health officer Kristian Jennings added "noise can be mitigated" by using sound-proofing materials.

In response, Mr White promised to include them in the yard to control noise spilling into neighbour's gardens.

He said: "We are not going to do all of this work only to find out that it doesn't work."

The beer garden will open its doors once Caerphilly County Borough Council approves separate planning permissions.

It comes as locals were left furious after their Wetherspoons got rid of its car park in favour of outdoor benches.

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