Watch fisherman tuck into breakfast as boat is battered by Storm Babet

Moment fisherman out at sea tucks into his breakfast while his boat is battered by huge waves as Storm Babet barrels down on Britain

  • Crab catcher Aivis Dornis films huge waves hitting boat – as he eats his porridge
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This is the hilarious moment a fisherman working out of the waters around Britain tucks into his breakfast – while his boat is lashed by huge waves whipped up by Storm Babet.

Crab catcher Aivis Dornis filmed the enormous breakers battering his vessel somewhere in the sea around the UK, sending the boat cresting to the left and right.

He then pulls the camera back to show he’s eating berries and porridge – even as the crabber boat is being tossed around.

‘Aw s***,’ Mr Dornis mumbles as the water swells and collapses against the hull, adding as he reveals the pot of fruit and oats: ‘Breakfast time – nice.’ 

Mr Dornis, who shares videos of his working life on TikTok under the handle @craberman with some 763,000 followers, posted the video in response to a comment on a previous video in which a user had asked: ‘How is bro so calm?’

Crab fisherman Aivis Dornis filmed dramatic footage of the sea viciously lashing his boat

He then pulls the camera back to reveal he’s tucking into porridge and berries for breakfast

Mr Dornis flashes a grin at the camera as the boat is whipped back and forth while he tucks into his food

Tiktok users were impressed by Mr Dornis’ calmness on the stormy seas as he scoffed his food

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In the caption of the response video, the Latvian sea worker replied that scoffing breakfast as the boat tilts askew was simply his ‘daily routine’.

The fisherman did not specify where in British waters the boat was sailing at the time he shot the clip. 

TikTok users were impressed by Mr Dornis’ calmness in the face of the stormy waters, which have even been seen whipping gargantuan passenger ferries around as they set off from the southern coast.

One wrote: ‘Nah, this is nightmare fuel for me. Respect to you.’

Another added: ‘I’m scared when I’m in a ferry and I can see the water just by it going up and down so I could never do what ur doing,’ adding a skull emoji.

‘I would need a bucket…it’s been bad enough at times crossing over to Dublin…’ said a third user.

Meanwhile, another crab fisherman joked in the comments: ‘Nice day for it.’

It comes as Storm Babet has officially passed out of Britain after three days of causing chaos across the country, leaving a trail of death and devastation in its wake.

At least nine people are believed to have died in weather related incidents – most recently a woman in her 80s who was found dead at her home in Derbyshire.

However, environment bosses have warned that flooding could continue along some of the country’s biggest rivers until Tuesday, while communities begin the process of recovery after being deluged by heavy rain and floods. 

Katharine Smith, flood duty manager at the Environment Agency, says teams have been sent to the worst-affected areas to operate flood barriers and put up temporary defences, including pumps to get rid of flood waters.

She added: ‘Following persistent, heavy rain from Storm Babet, severe river flooding impacts are probable in parts of the East Midlands and South Yorkshire…into Sunday.

‘Ongoing flooding is probable on some larger rivers including the Severn, Ouse and Trent through to Tuesday.

‘We also advise people to stay away from swollen rivers and urge people not to drive through flood water as just 30cm of flowing water is enough to move your car.’

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