Tommy Robinson 'jumped in taxi' after leading hooligans through London

Tommy Robinson ‘jumped in a taxi’ just moments after leading far-right hooligans through London on Armistice Day where they clashed with police

Tommy Robinson hopped into a taxi moments after leading a mob of thugs into London’s Chinatown, where they clashed with police. 

Pictures showed the agitator walking with far-right hooligans chanting ‘England till I die’ and ‘We love you, Tommy, we do’.

But when they reached Chinatown, Robinson – real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – was seen stepping into a Pride-themed black cab and driving off. 

Replying to a Twitter user saying he would have been ‘arrested’ had he stayed with the march, the activist wrote: ‘I’m fully aware of that, I’m now with my kids enjoying some time , I’ve not seen them much recently.’ 

Shortly afterwards violent clashes broke out, with protesters chanting: ‘You’re not English anymore’ towards officers.

Tommy Robinson was seen leaving Chinatown in a black cab following today’s violent protests 

Earlier, the far-right activist was seen leading his supporters through Chinatown as they chanted his name  

Police in riot gear managed to disperse the crowd, splitting them into two smaller groups. The demonstrators were last seen running through Chinatown in the direction of Piccadilly Circus.

In an update on Twitter, the Met said: ‘A group of counter protesters who left Whitehall and moved into Chinatown confronted and threw missiles at officers who tried to engage with them.

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‘Additional officers have been deployed to the area to identify, locate and deal with those involved. Our priority is keeping the public safe. We will not tolerate disorder in central London today.’

Counter-protesters had earlier clashed with police near the Cenotaph, ahead of a service to mark Armistice Day.

Scuffles broke out as police attempted to stop a crowd of people carrying St George’s flags marching along Embankment towards Whitehall, where the Cenotaph is located, shortly after 10am.

The group, which had been chanting ‘England ’til I die’, pushed through the police barrier, with some shouting ‘let’s have them’ as officers hit out with batons.

A group of about 100 people were later held near Westminster Bridge under police powers to prevent a disturbance.

Robinson arrived in Whitehall early on Saturday morning along with hundreds of right-wing protesters

Pictures showed Robinson speaking with several police officers at Whitehall

An Armistice Day service took place at the Cenotaph on Whitehall at 11am, which passed off peacefully with a two-minute silence being observed.

The Met Police posted on X, formerly Twitter: ‘While the two minutes’ silence was marked respectfully and without incident on Whitehall, officers have faced aggression from counter-protesters who are in the area in significant numbers.’

The force added: ‘Officers have prevented those not involved in getting on to Whitehall so it can take place without disruption, as we committed.

‘They have faced unacceptable violence, including people throwing missiles and a metal barrier.’ 

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