Putin's sickly war dog Ramzan Kadyrov ‘had his personal doctor BURIED ALIVE as he blamed medic for his failing health’ | The Sun

VLADIMIR Putin's war dog Ramzan Kadyrov had his personal doctor buried alive after blaming him for his failing health, reports claim.

The Chechen brute's family doctor Elkhan Suleymanov is feared dead after vanishing last year.

Suleymanov, 49, served as health minister and deputy premier of Chechnya – and was also Kadyroy's personal doctor.

But the medic stopped posting on his Instagram a year ago and has not been seen since – sparking a swirl of rumours over his whereabouts.

The health of Kadyrov has also been the subject of speculation amid claims he is terminally ill.

Telegram channel VChK-OGPU – which has links to law enforcement – said the warlord "blamed the sharp deterioration in his health" on Suleymanov.

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"No one there has seen Suleymanov since October 2022, and there is talk that he was brutally killed and buried alive in the ground," the channel said.

"Absolutely everyone says that he is no longer alive and that he died a painful death."

Others claimed he returned to his home town of Baku in Azerbaijan, or is working quietly in Moscow.

Kadyrov – a leading supporter of Putin's shambolic war in Ukraine – reportedly became convinced that he was poisoned after receiving injections from Suleymanov.

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“He was removed from the post of Deputy Prime Minister overnight in October 2022 and has not been seen since,” the channel said citing anonymous sources. 

Another source added: "If Kadyrov really suspected Suleymanov of poisoning, then we are unlikely to see him alive. 

"If we are talking about something else, then he may be in captivity and they will show him on camera."

Suleymanov had previously worked in the West and was a professor and specialist in cancer.

Similar claims were made earlier by another Telegram channel 1ADAD, which claimed he was beaten when he was dismissed. 

It claimed in July he now worked in Moscow at the National Medical Research Centre for Radiology – without offering any evidence.

There is also no evidence of his death.

Kadyrov’s foes have previously accused him of carrying out extra judicial killings. 

In early July – amid a swirl of health rumours – Kadyrov posted a rambling video to prove he was "still alive".

His discoloured right hand in the video suggested he had undergone recent medical treatment, according to reports.

Kadyrov was seen with Russian MP Adam Delimkhanov – who was reported to have been killed or wounded in the Ukraine war in June after being targeted by a missile strike.

While both are seen alive, neither looked well.

Kadyrov appeared to admit that he may not live for long.

"We are still alive somehow," he said. 

"Anyway, we don’t want to live long. We will live a short but decent life."

Delimkhanov told him: "We will continue to carry out the tasks you have set for us."

The MP hit out at "gossipers" over the pair’s health. 

Reports in July suggested Kadyrov – a father of 14 – was close to death. 

Chechen opposition politician Tumso Abdurakhmanov said: "Information is coming in that Kadyrov is near death and no longer speaks. 

"His kidneys have completely failed, and dialysis does not help. It is possible that these are his last days."

Some suggested Kadyrov had flown to Mecca, with one report saying: "The flight from Mecca was clearly not easy for Kadyrov. 

"On his hand are visible ‘fresh’ marks, similar to traces from medical procedures.

"Information is being actively discussed in [Chechnya] that Kadyrov has a serious kidney disease."

Although he denied being unwell, he has been seen looking markedly more bloated and puffy. 

During the war in Ukraine, Putin promoted him to colonel-general in the Russian national guard – giving the Chechen additional power.

He already controls national guards with a strength of up to 30,000 and has plans for his own private army

Even close Putin allies are known to fear Kadyrov. 

With three current wives, he has ruled Chechnya for 16 years, and boasts he has been sanctioned by the West more than any other individual.

As well as being a brutal warlord, Kadyrov is a millionaire influencer who loves to flaunt his cash and hang out with celebrities.

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Kadyrov once operated an Instagram account where he liked to showed off his fortune before he was banned – but he keeps his "fans" updated via Russian social media and on Telegram.

The ruthless Prada-sporting tyrant – with a penchant for torture, murder, kidnapping and anti-gay purges – has an estimated fortune of up to £150million.

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