New Yorkers rip down posters of Hamas hostages in UWS and Brooklyn

Sickening moment Brooklyn man SMIRKS as Jewish woman confronts him and his partner for ripping down posters of Israeli children kidnapped by Hamas – as another man is caught destroying them in the Upper East Side

  • Two shocking cases showed anti-Semitism across New York City neighborhoods
  • A Jewish woman confronts a couple in Brooklyn after they tore down her posters
  • Meanwhile a man is confronted at crosswalk in the UES for destroying others

This is the sickening moment a Brooklyn man smirks as he is confronted by a Jewish woman for ripping down posters of kidnapped Israeli kids with his female partner.

Footage shared by StopAntiSemitism shows the couple laugh and walk away from the camerawoman when she calls them out for destroying the pamphlets.

The video, shared over the weekend, was the latest example of pro-Palestinian protesters sickeningly tear up posters of kids snatched by Hamas on October 7.

Meanwhile in the Upper East Side a man sparked outrage by also pulling down posters and asking: ‘Where are the Palestinians?’

In a video uploaded to X on October 21, a couple is confronted by a Jewish woman in Brooklyn after they allegedly tore down a poster depicting Israelis kidnapped by Hamas

‘This is American citizens!’ the camerawoman repeatedly shouts after ripping the poster from the hands of a woman wearing a burgundy jacket

A man in a blue shirt smirks at her and attempts to cover the camera with one hand before walking past

In the Brooklyn incident, the Jewish woman shouts: ‘This is mine, I paid money for this, and you’re not gonna f***ing do this!’

A man in a blue shirt stands beside the alleged poster ripper, smirking, as the camerawoman continues to shout.

‘I’m a citizen here and this is American citizens!’ she says. The woman in the burgundy jacket opens her mouth to respond but quickly closes it.

‘You f***ing got it? You are not going to do it! Get the f*** out of here! This is American citizens! They’re kidnapped! You f***ing b**ch!’ the camerawoman shouts.

The man steps towards her, grinning and holds his hand up to block the camera as she swings it in his face. ‘Get the f*** out of here!’ the woman shouts.

The couple begins to stroll away, holding hands, after another person intervenes. The camerawoman follows them, still shouting.

In a video uploaded the following day, a man in a tan jacket is confronted by a group of people in an Upper East Side crosswalk.

In a separate incident posted on October 22, a man is confronted in an Upper East Side crosswalk

‘Where are the Palestinians?’ he repeats while a group forms around him. Another man responds: ‘What does that have to do with the hostages, man?’ while another tells him to put his own posters up

‘Where are the Palestinians?’ the man asks with a heavy French accent, to the disbelief of people filming.

‘What does that have to do with the hostages, man?’ one exclaims. ‘What’s the matter with you?’

The man continues to ask ‘Where are the Palestinians?’ and another responds: ‘So put your own sign up!’

These incidents are the latest in a series occurring throughout the city. On October 17, two young women were caught tearing down posters at NYU’s Tisch Hall.

They stripped clean a wall where students had plastered the faces of some of the hundreds of hostages taken by Hamas and ran off with the posters in their arms.

Similar episodes have been filmed in other cities. In London, a woman was seen ripping down posters of kidnapped Israeli citizens and claiming they contained ‘inaccurate information’ about women being raped.

Witnesses filmed her clutching the torn posters on October 7.

Two female students were spotted taking down posters of Israeli children who have been taken hostage by Hamas on October 17

On October 7, a young woman, seen here clutching torn down posters of the Israelis taken hostage by Hamas, was filmed in London

More than 1,400 people have been killed in Israel since the war began, mostly civilians killed in the initial Hamas assault on October 7.

Over 4,300 Palestinians have been killed, according to the Health Ministry in Gaza. On Sunday, a convoy of 17 trucks successfully delivered humanitarian aid to Gaza through the Rafah crossing. 

The same day, the United States announced its plans to increase military resources in the Middle East to bolster support for Israel and enhance the US defense presence in the region.

Roughly 200 people have been kidnapped by Hamas amid the conflict. On Friday, the terrorist group freed an American woman and her teenage daughter, the first release of its kind.

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