Moment white van driver 'showing off to colleagues' is flipped over after horror crash with lorry | The Sun

THIS is the moment a white van driver who was "showing off to colleagues" was flipped over by a lorry on a busy roundabout.

The dash cam footage shows a white van attempting to overtake a lorry on a roundabout before cutting inside to make an exit.

But the van collided with the lorry and flipped upside down. Footage of the accident was posted on TikTok by Andy O'Gekko.

One user said: "Showing off to work mates goes wrong." Another said: "Surprised how many people think the lorry driver was in the wrong lane."

And a man said: "Put his mate travelling behind him in a very awkward spot as a witness."

The accident is thought to have happened in the Greater London area.

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Roundabouts have become flash points for motorists, and drivers have started using the so called slingshot way of beating queues at roundabouts.

The slingshot involves using the right-hand lane to enter a roundabout before driving all the way round to exit at what would have been the first exit.

This saves drivers from having to wait in traffic as queues in the left-hand lane tail back from the junction. Footage of the move is often posted on TikTok.

TikTok user jobbertok has become known for his slingshot videos, which show drivers beating long queues.

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The TikTok user known as ‘Pedal Perspective’ posted the short clip to his social media page which has more than 4,000 followers.

In the footage, the car is seen approaching in the outside lane while Ian says: “A classic roundabout slingshot”.

He then sarcastically adds: “I never turn down an opportunity to sling one round the roundabout and get to the shop a little bit quicker.”

The car is then seen going past a double-decker bus and going right round the roundabout before doubling back to rejoin the queue.

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