Naked Attraction star snubs man with ginormous genitals

Naked Attraction official trailer

A Naked Attraction star didn’t pick a well-endowed man despite her criteria for a “really big penis”. 

The controversial UK Channel 4 dating show has made its way to the US on HBO’s Max, causing quite a stir among subscribers who cannot help but watch. 

It is up to one contestant to pick a date by how they look naked, analysing every inch of their birthday suit until they strip themselves and choose who they want to see again.

There have been many embarrassing moments, including one contestant being escorted off the set after getting too excited.

Chrissie Wunna, 42, signed up for Naked Attraction’s seventh season after admitting she was unlucky in love, having been married three times before. 

When she was interviewed for the show, from the very beginning, Chrissie was clear on what she wanted from a man. 

She told Insider: “The audition process was incredibly fast. 

“I was put through two Zoom interviews where they questioned me about my love life.

“’Why do you think you haven’t found love?’ ‘How many times have you been married?’

“I am a very open person so didn’t mind sharing any information with them, including my exact body type interest: I wanted someone with a really big penis.”

When filming began for her episode of Naked Attraction, Chrissie was given just what she wanted in the man in the orange pod, although she was put off quite quickly.

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Chrissie explained: “He had an Italian accent, which I loved, and a ginormous penis. 

“But then I noticed he had piercings on his balls, and that terrified me.

“Another person had a tattoo of a woman’s name on his arm: ‘Juliet.’ 

“When I asked about it, he said he was looking for the Juliet to his Romeo. 

“No matter the context, I simply could not date someone who has a tattoo of another woman’s name on them.”

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The man in the green booth, Ion, then took Chrissie’s fancy, as he “looked like he came from another land” and while he was a bit younger, she said she was “young spirited” so he was “my perfect guy”. 

In the end, it was between Ion and Jason in the yellow pod but when it came to her stripping off for their eyes, it was the latter’s unexpected compliment which swayed her. 

“Ion was the obvious choice but during the last round of questions, Jason said something sweet about my smile. I was sold on the romance of dating this nice guy.”

Chrissie did end up picking Jason, however, she soon realized on their date that she had made the “wrong decision”.

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From ordering alcohol and a meat platter when Jason is a T-total vegan, to him serenading Chrissie with a song he wrote for his ex-girlfriend, the date didn’t go as planned. 

Labelling it as a “train wreck”, Chrissie regretted choosing Jason who just wanted to remain friends, although, Ion did later ask her out on a date. 

She added: “I’m still in touch with all the boys, and even had several other men message me on social media after seeing me get rejected on the show. It’s better than Tinder!”

Naked Attraction is available to watch on Max and on Channel 4.

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