I’ve been on three huge game shows – here’s my expert guide to making it onto screens and winning big | The Sun

A serial game show contestant has revealed their top tip on surviving and winning on the shows. 

The young Tiktoker has given a step-by-step guide on how to become a victorious quiz genius.

While sitting down wearing her 'television colour' blue, TikTok savvy Rebecca introduced herself and then continued to explain how she had been on three game shows, including Wheel of Fortune in 2011, where she won a whooping '$20,810'.

The singer also went on the general knowledge quiz show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and won an impressive $16,600, as well as the trade bargaining show Let's Make a Deal, but did not reveal whether or not she had landed a jackpot on that show.

Here is Rebecca's guide and recommendations for budding game show contestants.

You get tested during the vetting process

Rebecca said potential game show contestants go through a tough vetting processing where they are given multiple tests.

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She warned players "can't really study" for these general test but they are "cut from round one" if they fail to answer most of the questions correctly.

For shows such as Jeopardy and Who Wants to be a Millionaire, contestants are given multiple-choice trivia.

In contrast, Wheel of Fortune hopefulls are tested with hangman-written puzzles. 

Rebecca shared: "At that point, it doesn't even matter about your personality. 

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"You have to get through the tests first. 

"So don't apply for a show that's like talent-based or knowledge-based if you can't like handle that kind of thing."

She added: "Generally, for the knowledge-based ones, you will have to pass a component of some sort of test."

It's all about personality

She said game shows are looking for interesting and friendly new players so let your personality shine through and be yourself once you get through the initial tests.

"You want to remember that they're always watching you," alerted the game show star.

"Diva attitudes will get you nowhere. 

"If you're mean, that will get you nowhere.

"If you're really quiet and you're like the girl from Pitch Perfect, and no one can hear what you're saying…that's a problem.

"So, you want to be kind, you want to be nice. You want to pretend like you're Ronald on jury duty and like everyone's watching you all the time."

She continued: "You want to be personable.

"Game shows are looking for the same kind of people.

"They're looking for outgoing, exciting and friendly (people), but they're also looking for people who are grateful."

Show gratitude and support to other contestants

What might seem a little to you might mean a lot to others, so showing some appreciation for being allowed the opportunity to appear on a gameshow will go a long way.

"Regardless of whether you're winning $25,000 or a million dollars, or $100 or $10, or whatever.

"They want you as excited as possible.

Having good sportsmanship and "rooting on other people" is another attribute show creators look for, according to Rebecca. 

She explained: "If someone next to you gets a letter or gets a prize and you're just throwing shade or whatever, they(show makers) don't want that either.

"All of these shows are about positivity.

"There's really no game show anymore that is about people tearing each other down reality, yes, game shows, no.

"On game shows, you're playing against the machine, or you're playing against Shazam, or you're playing against whatever weakest link.

"You're playing against the man. You're not playing against each other. 

She continued: "They just want you to be happy for everybody."

They are watching your every move, so stay vigilant

The producers watch your every move so consider every decision and action you make.

Show creators will observe how a potential candidate interacts with others on the show and how they "root on other contestants" and their reactions to negative and positive outcomes. 

"Always be kind always! Be excited, and pay attention.", said Rebecca.

She added: "You want to maintain and be engaged throughout the entire time.

"Even if you're just an alternate or you're in the audience, and you're not going to play."

"I can't tell you guys how many times I've seen someone that wasn't even supposed to play get pulled to play. "

"They take notice of you."

Speak clearly and do not swear

Even though it's a game show, Rebecca warns that constantly speaking informally will hinder your chances of winning the show. 

"Use proper grammar, don't use a lot of slang, don't curse. 

“I dropped the f-bomb on the Wheel of Fortune, but I was nervous in the audition.

"You just want to be professional like how you would be on TV."

Keep your answers truthful and entertaining

One of Rebecca's biggest tips was to 'not say boring answers' and be honest!

She said: "You don't want to lie. You never ever want to fabricate something because they can check, and they can take all your prizes away from you."

"If you've fabricated something or if you've lied about something."

She also advised hopeful participants to stay upbeat and enjoyable by ensuring they stand out from the crowdbecause of their calculated and meaningful answers.

"It's like padding your resume. You don't want to ever lie.

"But if you are a garbage collector, you may say, I help people get rid of the things that make them feel bad about themselves in their home.

"You're not going to be like, I'm a trash collector. 

"That's interesting, too, but you don't just say oh, I work at a Customer Service Centre and I answered the phone.

"You might say, Oh, I love talking to people every single day."

Make your answers unpredictable and unique

Another big tip Rebecca gave away was to not copy other contestants and be orginal.

Rebecca expressed: "It's like the same answers over and over again. 

"So they want you to give a different answer to some of the questions."

Other contestants will try and outdo you 

"Contestants will try in auditions to one-up each other," told Rebecca.

She explains: "When I was auditioning for Wheel of Fortune in the first round on stage with the wheel mobile event in front of a live audience, and they were pulling anybody up, I didn't want to mention that I was a singer because I didn't want them to make me sing on stage. 

"But I did mention that I like to do volunteer work." 

"I mentioned that, and then the chick behind me was like, Well, I do volunteer work eight times a week, and I help children.

"And then the chick behind her was like, Well, I help children that have parents that have died and like it just everybody tried to one-up everybody else, and I was like expecting for someone to be like I grabbed orphans that are burning orphanages."

“Everybody saw that the interviewer had responded positively to me, saying that I volunteered, and so everyone kept stealing my answer and trying to one-up it.

She followed with: "Don't do that they can see right through that.

"These auditioners and interviewers have seen everyone, so there's nothing that they haven't seen before, and you're not new to them."

Become successful at the auditions 

Rebecca's last but noteworthy piece of advice is to "read lots of forums" and do plenty of research before applying.

Having a successful audition might guarantee you a spot on the show.

She said: "I went through and read. 

"I was so successful with my Wheel of Fortune audition, and part of that was because I read tips and tricks."

Former successful participants advised her to sit in the front row at the auditions and crumble her form in a ball before putting it in the raffle bowl because it would likely be picked, which it was!

She said: "People told me how to sit to have good posture to colours to wear.

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"All these kinds of stuff, and I read all of that, and I took that advice to heart, and that was part of the reason I was so successful."

She finished with: "I'm trying to pass it on to people who also can use it to be successful."

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