Inside Emmerdale Craig Reed stars life – Doctor Who past and major theatre role

Over the years, Emmerdale has showcased many a talented actor, and one of the latest additions to the show is Ben Addis, who's appeared on a plethora of high-profile shows.

Playing Craig Reid, the performer arrived on the scene as a blast from Lydia's past. The pair had been separated since meeting at their children's home during their troubled youth.

Born Jenny Finn, at just five years of age, Lydia was placed in Hotten Grand Children's home, by her mother, who claimed she was too ill to care for her needs.

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Ten years on, a 15-year-old Lydia fell pregnant and gave birth to a stillborn boy in 1990.

The devastated teen, buried her beloved baby, named Toby, in a woodland.

With severe trauma, she went missing and tried to start a brand new life under the name Lydia.

But while some may have assumed that a reconciliation with an old pal would've been positive for the Emmerdale icon, it's proved anything but.

Tomorrow night, Craig will continue to use Samson to cause yet more havoc in the Dingle household as he continues to pester the teenager with endless questions about Lydia’s relationship with Sam.

Upon finding them chatting in the Woolie, Lydia will go mental at her stepson before sending him home.

The following day, Samson will kick off with Lydia over telling him to stay away from Craig. But perhaps she has good reason for her concerns.

Later on, Craig will scare the life out of her when he turns up at the office unannounced.

After an explosive argument, in which Craig denies any wrongdoing, Lydia calls him a rapist.

The storyline is both riveting and troubling and has audiences hooked. But what do we know about the actor playing Craig?

Rise through the world of theatre

Born in Blaenavon in South East Wales, the talented findividual first sunk his teeth into the world of show business through the medium of theatre, with the Gwent Young People's Theatre (GYPT) in Abergavenny and The National Youth Theatre of Wales.

Throughout his time at school, he dreamed of becoming a professional actor, thus when his compulsory education came to an end, he started his intense training at the highly-rated Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

His natural flare was significantly enhanced through his roles in productions from King Lear with the RSC, through to Antigone and Widower's Houses at the Manchester Royal Exchange.

Craig makes the big screen

With the industry taking note of his formidable skills, he bagged a television role as the King of France in the television anthology show Great Performances.

From this point, the roles stormed in, with Lewis, Vera and Doctor Who all being added to his resume.

He eventually made the transition to film, starring in the The Decoy Bride, where he played a journalist. In addition, he played a pivotal role in Hugo, where he portrayed artist Salvador Dali. Moreover, he featured as a newspaper seller in Mrs Harris Goes To Paris.

Stunning delivery in Hollyoaks

In 2019, he landed his most high-profile role, taking on the formidable task of playing, Doctor Parker in Hollyoaks.

While he only appeared in three episodes, he played an integral role, featuring in powerful scenes pramount to Luke Morgan’s devastating tale, which saw him develop frontotemporal dementia.

After evaluating his symptoms of memory loss and hand seizing, it was the job of Addis to deliver a striking performance where he had to deliver the heartbreaking diagnosis.

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