Botcheds Terry Dubrow says Paul has loosened up after 24-year friendship

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Acclaimed surgeon Terry Dubrow spoke on his long-lasting friendship with his co-star Paul Nassif.

Although the pair first appeared on screens together for Botched in 2014, the doctors have known each other for well over two decades.

On the Hayu reality show, Terry and Paul welcome patients who were left embarrassed by cosmetic procedures and they successfully reverse the damage to the best of their abilities.

As well as their amazing track record, loyal fans have been tuning in for eight seasons to see the playful and funny dynamic between the two surgeons.

In an exclusive interview with, Terry credited this to their “24-year friendship” and to Paul being a “wonderful guy.”

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The 64-year-old shared: “We’ve been friends for about 24 years. He’s a really wonderful guy.

“You can see it on TV,” Terry remarked: “He’s really loosened up this season a lot, he’s a lot sillier, a lot funnier than he might have been willing to admit in the past.”

The Hollywood surgeon also spoke on their ability to remain professional and push pride away.

“We have been friends and colleagues for a long time we both have very intact egos which is unusual for two higher-level revisional plastic surgeons.”

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Terry added: “And I mean in eight seasons of Botched, I think we’ve had half an argument that lasted maybe two minutes.”

“So we’re not competitive with each other. I celebrate his successes and he does mine.”

As well as celebrating an achievement in the clinic, Paul and Terry can often be seen commemorating milestones away from the cameras.

When Paul got married to Brittany Pattakos with a lavish ceremony in 2020, Terry gave a moving speech which was also featured in an episode of Botched.

Terry continued: “I think we got lucky because a lot of times when there’s a duo like that it can be like being in a band.

“There’s the lead singer, there’s the drummer and the lead singer wants to get all the attention and the drummer just sits in the back.

“The dynamic can change and there can be struggles and let’s face it, I’m the lead singer, he’s the drummer.”

He laughed and concluded: “But at the end of the day, we just get along great we have a great time.”

Botched seasons 1-8 are available to stream on Hayu.

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