Big Brother stars wages before show exposed — and one housemate is raking it in

The wages of the Big Brother 2023 cast have been revealed – and it’s fair to say some are not short of a few quid.

After a five-year break from telly screens, the iconic reality show has made its epic return this month to ITV2. Fronted by AJ Odudu and Will Best, the brand new series has already become a hit with viewers.

From several rule-breaks to saucy confessions, it’s fair to say the programme has delivered some iconic moments so far. What’s more, with less than three weeks left, things are only set to get more dramatic.

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And while the winner will receive a £100,000, cash prize it seems some housemates may not necessarily need it. Away from the famous house, the several stars have rather lucrative jobs.

So, with the drama kicking off in the Big Brother house, Daily Star is taking a look at the 2023 stars’ wages. And it’s fair to say some of the housemates are raking it in.

Jenkin – Barman

Starting off with the lowest wage is Jenkin, whose job is a barman. The Welsh chap was the first 2023 housemate to enter the most famous house in Britain this series. When asked why he chose to apply, he said he was "bored" and thought he'd try something different. As for how much he’s earning as a barman, the average salary is £18,438 a year.

Tom – Butcher

Up next is Tom, a 21-year-old from Somerset. When asked why he decided to apply for the iconic reality show he said was looking to do something "a bit different from day-to-day life". In his day-to-day life, Tom works as a butcher. For this job role, that some would deem rather gruesome, Tom earns a reported average salary of £22,771.

Yinrun – Customer support agent

Yinrun, from Shanghai, China has become a fan-favourite on the show and plenty of fans reckon she will win the series and walk away with the cash prize. She applied for the series because she is ready to take on another "adventure". Away from the show though, Yinrun works as a customer support agent. The average salary for this ranges from £24,455 to £29,132.

Paul – Security officer

One more of the more controversial contestants, Paul has found himself embroiled in several arguments on the show. For his job, the Liverpudlian works as a security guard as well as a boxer. The average salary for this is estimated to be around £31,322. Just after he entered the house though, his saucy x-rated snaps from his now-deleted OnlyFans account leaked – which no doubt helped top up his bank.

Noky – Banker

Talking about why she decided to apply for the show, Noky said: "I've had so many amazing times in my life, like going to Miss Universe as Miss Great Britain." And it's fair to say she's one of the show's highest earners. Away fro the show she is a banker and average banking salary in the UK is £50,000 a year. If she’s experienced, she could be bagging up to £80,000.

Matty – Doctor

Matty, from the Isle of Man, is a doctor. If he’s working as a specialty doctor he could earn a basic salary of £52,530 to £82,400. But if he’s more of a specialist grade doctor he could be earning a whopping basic salary of £83,945 to £92,275. But that's not all he's good at it, as he is reportedly a trained massage therapist.

Jordan – Lawyer

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Jordan is another fan-favourite, who has recently found himself caught up in a love triangle on the ITV2 show. Fans have been watching with jaws on the floor as he seems to make the move on Matty and Henry. For his day job, he is a lawyer – and the average salary is around £53,023. But depending on his level, he could be earning up to £75,672.

Kerry – NHS Manager

Kerry’s certainly got plenty people talking on the ITV2 show. Love her or hate her, the NHS Manager is bringing the drama. In real life, she is the Head of Patient Experience in the NHS. For this role, it's expected that Kerry would be earning between £58,972 to £68,525 a year.

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