Big Brother fans horrified by Yinruns eating habit – after she breaks down over boyfriend

Big Brother fans have shared their horror after witnessing Yinrun's odd eating habit during Monday's episode of the ITV2 show.

The 25 year old joined her housemates at a party to celebrate Jenkin's birthday on Monday, where they were treated to cake and fast food, including pizza. Yinrun could be seen enjoying a slice of pizza, but much to viewers' shock, she dipped it into her cup of tea and continued eating.

Big Brother fans took to social media to share their thoughts on the unconventional food pairing, with some even calling for her to be sent home and branding it "odd".

One person wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter: "YINRUN DUNKS HER PIZZA IN HER TEA?!?!?!?! Her days are numbered now."

"She's not the person I thought she was," a second quipped, while a third said: "I thought mayo in pot noodle was odd but Yinrun just dipped pizza into her tea!"

It's proven to be an emotional week for Yinrun in the Big Brother as tensions continue to rise between housemates. This week's shopping task saw loved ones enter the house, but contestants were forbidden from interacting with them or even looking at them if they wished to win the task.

Two loved ones attempted to enter the house at the same time, with only one gaining access during Tuesday's episode.

Yinrun's boyfriend Luke, who she has spoken about a lot while in the house, was granted access to the Big Brother house after Trish and Chanelle opted to pick him over Matty's boyfriend. Yinrun broke down in tears after Luke updated her on her family and repeatedly told her he loved her in heartwarming scenes.

Matty was left devastated after being informed his boyfriend was the other option in the task and he broke down in tears in the garden in dramatic scenes. However, once Chanelle and Trish told him his boyfriend, who is currently in the US, was only on video link and not actually outside the house, he immediately calmed down.

Viewers were left amused by Matty's sudden change in emotion, with one writing: "Matty wailing like a war widow then immediately switching up when he found out his boyfriend didn’t fly over."

"Can’t stop thinking about matty boyfriendgate genuinely a David’s dead level of miscommunication #bbuk," joked another.

Chanelle's dad, Jenkin's mum, Olivia's sister and Henry's sister all gained access to the house in the task, while Noky's sister, Trish's sister, Luke's best friend and Jordan's cousin were all ejected.

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