Woman disgusted after realising malicious intent behind nasty stains on towels

A Reddit user has sparked a social media storm after revealing the “malicious” behaviour of her sister-in-law.

The anonymous Redditor, using the username Mysterious-Routine39, took to the social platform to ask fellow users if she was being unreasonable about her sister-in-law’s behaviour.

The whole “petty” row centred on the use of her most luxurious bathroom towels. Explaining the predicament, she said: “My husband’s brother lives out of state with his family and they come a few times a year to visit, either staying with MIL [mother-in-law] or with us. For the most part I love having them here.

“My issue might seem like a petty one but it’s been going on for so long now it feels malicious. Idk [I don’t know] maybe I’m insane that’s why I’m here.

She continued: “So we have a bathroom in the foyer where I keep my “good” towels meant for hand washing/to look pretty.

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“A couple of years ago when we first started this again after covid SIL [sister-in-law] went into that bathroom (instead of the guest bath stocked for her family) and would use these towels to clean off her makeup, leaving black stains all over them.

“I didn’t even realise this until after they left because she’d stuffed them all in the laundry basket and then replaced them.”

On the next occasion, the disgrutled Redditor said she had made a thing about the towels – even showing the children to “make sure she was heard.”

Despite her best efforts, the houseproud mum noticed that her guest would continue to use the posh towels.

She explained: “Same thing, she used them to clean up when her kids spilled stuff, wipe her makeup, etc. I went to target and bought a bunch of small towels and said to BIL [brother-in-law] feel free to use these. The only time he had used them was when one of the kids cut themselves really bad and I understood that because it was an emergency (but also rip beautiful white towel).”

Again the homemaking mum tried to prevent her sister-in-law from ruining her soft white towels, again her sister-in-law managed to find a way to dirty them.

“So then the last time they were here a few months ago I didn’t even put it out the good white towels. And the second day she’d gone into the linen closet and pulled some out.

She said she won’t get makeup on them but that all the other towels irritate her skin. mNow they’re talking about coming for the holidays and I said to my husband she has to promise not to use my good towels.

“My husband asked am I being serious and I said yes, seriously. I said either tell them that or I’m hiding the towels and then you’ll see and he thinks I’m nuts.”

Following the explanation of the sticky situation, Reddit users roundly condemned the “rude” sister-in-law, backing the poster and saying she wasn’t at fault.

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One such user wrote: “… can you hide your good towels? Like hide them really well and don’t tell your husband where they are. My guess is that your SIL will throw a massive fit.

“When she claims the towels you are providing irritate her skin, politely tell her she is free to go buy different towels or to stay in a hotel.

Another said: “At this point, either it’s malicious or she has really sensitive skin and expects to use your “good towels” instead of supplying her own.

“I say hide them when they come (not just in the linen closed, like in your room or something) but that doesn’t really solve the problem of the disrespect for not just following your clear wishes in your home.

“I just don’t understand the rudeness of people. Who does that????” A third said: “…simply remove her access to your good towels. Bag them up and put them on the trunk of your car if needed.

“There’s more going on here. It sounds like she is jealous of you or your home. Is there a financial or lifestyle discrepancy between your households?

“Your SIL is intentionally ruining your towels. What else is she doing when you’re not watching? If they come back, I’d install cameras in the common areas.”

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