Time-traveller from 2671 warns of deadly disasters will turn homes to ruins

A mysterious social media user claiming to be a "time traveller from 2671" has issued a warning about "devastating natural disasters coming in 2024".

Eno Alaric, who is also known as @theradianttimetraveller, has gained more than 26,000 followers for posting warnings about supposed future events. The creator has previously made warnings about twin planets with Earth, alien visitors and even portals opening to other dimensions.

But now, the self-professed time-warper has claimed to have a list of catastrophic events coming from the very start of 2024.

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In the video, which has gained more than 2,700 likes, Eno wrote: "ATTENTION ! Yes, I am a real time traveler, these are the worst natural disasters to come in early 2024. 2024 is worse than 2023 in terms of weather, you need to be cautious and have plans in place.

"January 29: Many category 5 and 6 hurricanes form, due to an extreme heat wave from the Sun. The USA, Mexico, and upper South America, gets hammered with hurricanes, millions lose their homes.

"February 17: The first ever f6 tornado hits Houston, Texas. It destroys almost the entire city, making it the most devastating tornado in history of mankind.

"April 2, 11:06 AM: A 9.8 magnitude earthquake, called Big John, occurs on the San Andreas fault line. It lasts over 45 minutes straight, causing most of San Francisco and other cities to be in ruins.

"April 2, 2:48 PM: A 750ft high mega-tsunami, caused by Big John, hits the California Coastline. What's left of many cities is completely destroyed, such as San Francisco, it isn't rebuilt until 2035."

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TikTok viewers were left stunned at the claims as they took to the comments debating over whether the nightmare scenarios could become a reality.

One user said: "I'm glad I'm not in the USA. Are we safe in London?" while another argued: "They literally announced there might be a big hurricane we've never seen before."

A third wrote: "Only America on the world map" as a fourth dubbed it: "Scary stuff."

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