The Most Expensive Celebrity Chefs Kitchens Of All Time

Celebrity chefs are renowned for their culinary skills and ability to create delectable dishes. While the viewers often witness them in their glamorous kitchens on television, they are also intrigued to know what the personal kitchens of these celebrity chefs look like. This article delves into the personal kitchens of some of the most renowned celebrity chefs.

From Paula Deen’s fusion of traditional and modern elements in Savannah, Georgia, to Gordon Ramsay’s million-dollar kitchen, the kitchens of these revered chefs are a sight to behold.

8 Paula Deen

Paula Deen, known for her Southern cooking, shoots her television show from her Savannah home. Her roomy home kitchen has been the setting for her show since 2005. Designed by Gwyn Duggan, the kitchen achieves a traditional aesthetic with brick and heavy ceiling beams, as per CNBC. However, the layout is modern, with a deep fryer on the island at the top of Paula’s wish list. The kitchen also features a cooking fireplace, soapstone counters, and a commercial convection-style double oven for baking. The fridge and freezer drawers are on the island, away from Paula’s cooking zone. An appliance cabinet hides modern necessities and provides outlets to maintain the traditional look. The kitchen sink boasts a size comparable to that of a small bathtub.

7 Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri, the well-known face of the Food Network, resides in a 3,900 square-foot home with a spacious 900 square-foot kitchen. Within this kitchen lies an ensemble of his-n-hers refrigerators, a powerful mega burner capable of igniting a 20-gallon jambalaya pot, a 27,500 BTU gas wok burner, and a counter crafted from reclaimed barn wood. One notable feature of Guy’s kitchen is the inclusion of hospital-style foot pedals, which allow for hands-free operation of the kitchen faucet, ensuring optimal hygiene during the cooking process.

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6 Julia Child

Julia Child, an influential figure in the realm of celebrity chefs, owned a kitchen that, in contemporary terms, would be deemed relatively humble. This kitchen, which served as the backdrop for three of her cooking shows, now stands as an exhibit at the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. Julia and her husband Paul collaborated on the design, incorporating raised counters to accommodate Julia’s towering frame. The kitchen’s centerpiece is a versatile cooking island, which replaced the traditional kitchen table during television recordings. Equipped with gas and electric stovetops, this island facilitated Julia’s culinary creations. Notably, the kitchen’s impeccable organization is achieved by strategically placing hooks, peg boards, and magnetic strips, ensuring that every tool and utensil has its designated spot.

5 Ina Garten

Ina Garten’s spacious kitchen in her converted barn in the Hamptons is recognizable as her TV set. House Beautiful bestowed the prestigious title of ‘Kitchen of the Year’ upon this kitchen, which was subsequently replicated for exhibition at Rockefeller Center. The kitchen designed by architect Frank Greenwald as per Oprah Daily emphasizes the classic work triangle of sink, stove, and fridge, ensuring convenience while cooking. It features a sink without compartments, a Caesar stone countertop, a Viking range, and a Viking induction range capable of boiling water in 2 minutes. Open shelves are also a hallmark of Ina’s kitchen, adding to the simplicity and ease of use.

4 Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray’s NYC-scale kitchen may seem small, but it is big on the heart. The kitchen reflects Rachael’s everyday style and features colorful dishes obtained near the Italian town where she got married. The backsplash features exquisite tiles imported from Italy. At the same time, the cooking range, adorned in Portuguese Blue, harmonizes with a refrigerator that underwent a matching paint job at an automotive body shop. The kitchen also includes a second, even more miniature fridge concealed behind a cupboard door and countertops made from the butcher block.

3 Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart’s $31 Million Manhattan apartment features a galley-like kitchen with floor-to-ceiling cabinets. The sliding doors on the lower cabinets help maximize space and avoid kitchen collisions with open doors. In contrast, Martha’s kitchen in her Lily Pond Lane home in the Hamptons is a culinary paradise. It includes shelves displaying her collection of McCoy pottery, metal cabinets topped with a forest of cake stands, a hanging rack organizing copper pots, Zinc-coated tin countertops, bookshelves full of cookbooks, and a table seating 12. The kitchen’s design seamlessly blends practicality with visual appeal.

2 Curtis Stone

Aussie celebrity chef Curtis Stone bought a $3.1 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills. The commercial-caliber kitchen in his mansion is outfitted by the sleek, modern, and minimal German manufacturer Bulthap. It utilizes stainless steel, glass accents, and walnut cabinetry, creating a contemporary and stylish look.

1 Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay, known for his fiery temper and culinary expertise, has a kitchen that matches his reputation. Ramsay’s kitchen originally cost $820,000 and includes a $110,000 oven as per Mashed. The kitchen features numerous hanging copper pans, sleek and shiny cabinets, multiple sinks, and not one but two kitchen islands. It is a state-of-the-art room that reflects Ramsay’s passion for cooking and attention to detail.

The personal kitchens of celebrity chefs offer a glimpse into their culinary worlds. From traditional yet modern designs to sleek and contemporary styles, each kitchen reflects the personality and preferences of the chef. Whether it’s Paula Deen’s deep fryer and cooking fireplace, Guy Fieri’s his-n-hers refrigerators, or Gordon Ramsay’s hanging copper pans, these kitchens are a testament to chefs’ dedication and passion for their craft.

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