Meg Ryan Reflects on Fake Orgasm Scene While Honoring Billy Crystal at Kennedy Center Honors

"The scene came really natural to me and I really have Billy to thank for that. I've never been around anyone who made faking an orgasm easier," the 'You've Got Mail' actress quipped while honoring Crystal at the 46th annual ceremony Sunday.

Meg Ryan is looking back on that iconic scene from When Harry Met Sally.

Ryan reflected on her fake orgasm scene at the Kennedy Center Honors Sunday, where she was on hand to help honor her co-star, Billy Crystal.

One of the most memorable moments from the 1989 film was when Crystal’s Harry and Ryan’s Sally were dining at Katz’s Delicatesen in Manhattan.

In the scene, Harry claims he knows when a woman is faking an orgasm. In an effort to prove him wrong, Sally fakes a loud orgasm right at the table, with director Rob Reiner’s mother Estelle famously saying, “I’ll have what she’s having,” after the rousing and rather convincing performance.

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During the ceremony on Sunday, Ryan shed some new light on that infamous moment, telling the crowd, “The scene came really natural to me and I really have Billy to thank for that. I’ve never been around anyone who made faking an orgasm easier.”

She continued, “Acting with Billy was effortless. The characters just came alive. And just meeting him. I don’t know. How could you not love Billy Crystal?”

Continuing to touch on their respective characters, Ryan, 62, added, “Of course Harry is a very broad character, obnoxious, insensitive and terrified of commitment, but if you take out all of Harry’s flaws what you have underneath is pure Billy. And what he brings to all of his characters is heart.”

“Harry has his heart because Billy listens to his and as his wife Janice has known for over 50 years — falling in love with Billy is a pretty easy thing to do,” she continued, gushing over the 75-year-old actor.

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Reiner was also on hand at the filmed ceremony, airing later this month, where he revealed that it was Crystal himself that wrote his mother’s famous line.

“Billy wrote what I believe is making the funniest line in all of movie history. I’ll have what she’s having. Said by my mother,” Reiner shared.

The scene has been re-done and spoofed countless times over the years, including by Crystal himself, who re-created it during an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden back in 2019.

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The duo even got fellow talk show royalty in on the action, with Jay Leno delivering the iconic, “I’ll have what she’s having,” line, following Corden’s comedic re-enactment.

Other honorees at Sunday’s ceremony included opera star Renée Fleming, Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb, Queen Latifah and singer Dionne Warwick.

The 46th Annual Kennedy Center Honors airs December 27 on CBS.

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