Mans death erection and Amy Winehouses poo among curious museum exhibits

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    A British museum boasts a number of bizarre items ranging from Amy Winehouse's poo to "mummified fairies" – and once displayed the erect penis of a man who was hanged.

    The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art & Natural History in London added the seven inch-long mummified manhood from 2017 to 2018.

    Viktor Wynd, the museum's curator, claimed it belonged to an 18th century Englishman who just so happened to get hard as he was put to death.

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    This phenomenon is known as a "death erection" or "rigor erectus" and is believed to be linked to oxygen being cut off from the brain. It has also been attributed to the pressure placed on the cerebellum created by the noose.

    Mr Wynd told MailOnline: "It was removed from an 18th century Englishman who was hanged. When people were hanged they'd nearly always get erections and nearly always release their seed.

    "I think quite a few were made but this is the only one I've heard of.

    "It's been around in different private collections and Oscar Wilde was an admirer."

    Mr Wynd said the penis would cost more than £100,000 to buy outright, although the artefact was not verified by an independent historian at the time.

    Although the penis is no longer on display, Mr Wynd's museum continues to host a variety of oddities including a jar of excrement that supposedly came from Amy Winehouse.

    Wynd said he was friends with the singer and once, after a night drinking, they decided to make an exhibit out of her faeces.

    Wynd has travelled the world in search of things to display in his museum. The collection includes supposed mummified fairies, a bone from an Irish giant and the skull of a cyclops.

    There is also a "creatures of the deep" department. According to the museum's website: "The collection includes specimens of the world’s largest Crabs – Japanese Spider, Tasmanian and Kamchatka, Giant Isopods, original material from The Challenger Expeditions, radioactive sea shells from Fukishima, fossilised sea shells collected by Mr. Wynd as a child, many hundreds of crabs – including Samurai, giant tube shells, living coral, sponges, Venus flower baskets, crustaceans, cephalopod beaks, fish skulls and skeletons, and of course preserved mermaids."

    Other departments include "relics of extinct birds", "erotica", "parasites" and "dead animals".

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