'King Charles insists on being served the same cake until finished'

EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: King Charles ‘insists on being served slices of the same cake, on successive days, until it is finished’

King Charles’s war on food waste sits uneasily with his reputation as a gastronome. He enjoys excursions to the Ritz kitchens, sipping sauces and divining the ingredients by taste alone. He also enjoys entertaining, and pushing his chefs out of their comfort zones. 

He recently advertised for a sous-chef trained in classical French cuisine to follow him around the country. 

Promoting his Coronation Food Project, he let it be known that he is meticulous about food waste at home, with a flunkey revealing: ‘He has tea and cake with his wife most days and insists on being served slices of the same cake, on successive days, until it is finished.’ 

Perhaps wise to keep such fastidiousness within the confines of Clarence House!

King Charles recently advertised for a sous-chef trained in classical French cuisine to follow him around the country

Fortunately, the King’s chefs do not have to fret over breakfast. Charles prefers fruit, seeds and nuts. 

As a guest at Highgrove, Stephen Fry was caught contemplating an unappetising pile of linseed on the breakfast buffet when Prince William rescued him. ‘Oh no, don’t go near the bird table, Stephen, that’s only for Pa.’

Tory MP and former thespian Giles Watling led a parliamentary debate yesterday criticising imports of foie gras. Watling is a prominent member of the Garrick Club, where foie gras is not entirely unknown. 

It is surprising Watling can bear belonging to a club with so many over-fed old gooses among its membership of lawyers and actors.

Keith Richards, recalling touring in the 70s with Stevie Wonder, tells Apple Music: ‘The rumour in his band was that he could still actually see. I think they remained rumours.’ 

Perhaps Richards’s heightened state during the period left him unable to conduct an independent diagnosis. ‘I think either Stevie was putting them on or they were putting me on,’ he adds.

Keith Richards recalls touring in the 70s with Stevie Wonder (Pictured in 1974)

Film director Terry Gilliam, explaining why his adaptation of Into The Woods was cancelled by the Old Vic, said: ‘I’m really tired of being blamed for everything that is wrong in the world! So I said, ‘From now on, please call me Loretta. I’m a black lesbian in transition’. I got a very big laugh in Germany when I said that, but by the time that reached England, I was a dead man!’

Singer Rosemary Squires, who has died aged 95, was known as the Queen of the Jingles. 

In an age before every home had a dishwasher, she was the voice of a ubiquitous TV ad, singing: ‘Now hands that do dishes can feel as soft as your face with mild green Fairy Liquid.’ 

Recorded in 1960, it ran for 40 years, becoming the longest-running jingle in TV history. Did its repetition drive her up the wall? Hardly. She got a royalty every time it was played.

Duran Duran guitarist John Taylor, four years voted Smash Hits Most Fanciable Male Human Being, once blew his nose and threw the tissue into a bin. 

‘A female fan fished my tissues out,’ recalls John, 63. ‘The next time she saw me she proudly told me she’d given herself my cold… It got pretty existential.’

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