Keep Your Money Safe With Clippy the Money Clip by Drought

Adding to its exploration of iconic Internet and pop culture, Drought has returned with its latest creation, “Clippy the Money Clip.” The release follows Drought’s Web Surfer Bracelet centered around an array of icons associated with the browser and ’90s computing, which also featured Clippy.

Part of the Office Assistant, a discontinued intelligent user interface for Microsoft Office that assisted users, Clippy was an interactive animated character that interfaced with the Office help content.

The Clippy the Money Clip by Drought immortalizes the anthropomorphic paper clip once again in the form of a device used to store cash, important papers, and credit cards in lieu of a wallet. The clip is constructed of stainless steel with 3D eyes and eyebrows filled with enamel coloring. Constructed in the United States, the clip comes with a custom box reminiscent of the Windows XP operating system.

Priced at $49 USD, the Clippy the Money Clip by Drought will be available September 29, 12 p.m. PST on Drought’s website.

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