Ive got cartoon character tattoo – but people say Ill regret silly inking

A woman revealed her cartoon character tattoo after she was told she would "regret" it.

Claudia decided to get a nostalgic design inked permanently onto her skin in a nod to one of her favourite childhood television shows. Although, she got some push back before going ahead with the dancing character etching.

The Gen Z'er took to TikTok where she shared she was told not to get a "silly" tattoo. However, Claudia listened to her heart and went along with getting pricked by the tattoo needle anyway.

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In the viral TikTok post which racked up 3.3million views, Claudia unveiled her 'childish' tattoo. "Don't get a silly tattoo, you'll regret it," she wrote across the clip to repeat the words of the naysayers.

After she snapped a mirror selfie, she then shared her arm tattoo of Angelina Ballerina from the CITV pre-school series aired in the early 2000s. The quaint inking featured the dancing mouse with her ballet shoes in hand while she looked up at Claudia. The TikTok user continued: "But every time someone asks, I get to speak about you."

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Claudia posted the clip over the Harry Styles song 'Fine Line' where users are currently taking part in a trend to show off their tattoos. And it looks like many adults also resonated with Angelina Ballerina.

One person commented: "I wanted an Angelina Ballerina themed 30th birthday but apparently that was 'unhinged' and 'exhausting'.

Another user added: "It was super comforting – so peaceful and not like these overstimulating new shows that kids have now."

While a third voiced: "No tattoo has spoken to me like this one."

Someone else gushed: "I’m obsessed wow."

Meanwhile, a fifth related: "Omg I also have an Angelina tattoo."

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