Im a 54-year-old cam girl – younger lads are so turned on they last 2 minutes

Ever wondered what it's like being a cam girl in her 50s?

Well one racy model named Peachy Treats is having an absolute ball getting her kit off in front of the camera. The 54-year-old is quite popular among younger lads who "last just two minutes".

She works for Regency Model Management and is an employee for a nationwide company as her day job. But when she's in front of the cameras, Peachy Treats is certainly a treat among her clients.

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Now speaking to Daily Star, the cam girl, who is in an "exciting" open relationship, revealed how she got into the racy line of work during the coronavirus pandemic.

She said: "It was partially to get some extra cash to make up my furlough pay, but also as a quiet rebellion against my boyfriend at the time.

"They would constantly put me down, making me dress as a frump, with no heels, no short skirts, and no make-up. They hated sexy lingerie and told me I didn't need it.

"That I was too old to dress like that. Bearing in mind that's how he met me! We had been together for six years and split up after the first lockdown."

Determined to not let the break-up bring her down, Peachy Treats turned to the world of camming which left her feeling "so empowered" in her day-to-day life too.

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Speaking about her first session, the cam girl told how she slipped into a beautiful lingerie set with stockings and got to work. While she was nervous at first, she met a lot of kind guys from the beginning.

And since she turned to the industry, she's had her fair share of racy requests, but she certainly has her limits. Peachy Treats also has lads who beg her to humiliate their 2inch penis.

She admitted: "This is a pretty common request, but I once had a particularly memorable 15-minute session with a guy who wanted me to ridicule his two-incher.

"SPH (small penis humiliation) is honestly easy; I can just laugh as I tell them what an embarrassment they are and that their tiny schlong wouldn't even touch the sides."

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On another occasion, Peachy Treats had a different kind of experience. She detailed: "I had a private session with a guy who wanted to read a section of a Jane Eyre book to me, while I sat with my boobs out. It was honestly very pleasant."

But one of the most popular situations Peachy Treats has found herself in is with the younger generation. She added: "They quite understandably love a MILF.

"Honestly, I'm lucky if the youngens last even two minutes! Some don't get past the dirty, filthy gutter talk before they expire.

"And then there are the ones who just want to see your intimate parts immediately. More often than not I'll slide my panties to the side and that's it, they're done!"

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