I wish I knew this hair method for amazing volume sooner – I look amazing

A content creator has gone viral on TikTok after promoting the hair product she uses to obtain incredible volume, leaving viewers speechless.

TikTok is rife with content creators flaunting their voluminous locks, and the demand for hacks is high from women whose hair typically lays flat.

The topic is in such high demand on the platform that the tag “How to give volume to roots” has garnered more than 3.1 million views to date.

Now a beauty TikToker claims to have found the solution in the product Color Wow Xtra Large Bombshell, as demonstrated in a viral clip.

Posted from the brand’s official account, the clip was posted with the caption: “Warning: you’re about to have the best hair of your life!

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@colorwow.hair ⚠️ Warning: you’re about to have the best hair of your life! Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer strengthens and thickens instantly AND has built-in heat protection ������ Plus, it’s free of alcohol, salt, and drying resins! ✨ Your dream hair is just one pump away ������ @stephaniecamcam #colorwow #volumehair #volumehairhack #fullhair #bighairdontcare #volumeboost #voluminoushair #thickhair ♬ original sound – Color Wow Hair

“Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer strengthen and thickens instantly AND has built-in heat protection. Plus, it’s free of alcohol, salt, and drying resins! Your dream hair is just one pump away!”

To put the product to the test, the content creator pulls away the hair strands around her face and holds them apart as she sprays the product onto the roots.

The hack involves using a hairbrush to hold up this section of hair from the roots and blowing the locks with a hair dryer towards the back of the head. 

Once the section of hair is released, the roots should stay up with significantly more volume, as does the content creators.

The video garnered mixed reactions, as many who had previously used the product claimed they had not obtained nearly as much volume as the woman did.

“This is by far the worst product I’ve ever used or I’m using it wrong 🙁 someone please tell me hahaha,” wrote one unsatisied customer.

Another reviewer quickly responded with the comment: “Use on dry hair with a big round brush. You need to make sure it’s then dried properly otherwise you can feel it. Take practice to get it right.”

One commentator penned: “This works for me, I have the same haircut now as she down. A Layered one.”

Another person in the comments pointed out that the product and method would be more suitable for someone with thick roots, as these are more likely to stand upright.

“It’s because her hair root is so strong to hold such a large volume. Mine would not be happening,” noted the TikTok users in a comment that received more than 50 likes.

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