I sunbathe topless and neighbours cant resist spying – but I wont stop

A hot mum revealed how she's considering building a 20ft fence in her garden so she can peacefully sunbathe topless.

Kayleigh, 34, loves stripping off in her back garden to get her daily dose of vitamin D.

But the mum reckons her 34KK natural boobs get a bit too much attention, especially from her nosey neighbours.

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The bombshell usually sets pulses racing on Instagram and TikTok.

She said: "As soon as that sun comes out I'm in the garden topless quicker than you can light your BBQ.

"I'd say four days out of five I'm out lapping up the sun."

Kayleigh added how she can often see the blinds and curtains twitching when she's relaxing, reports Sun Online.

She continued: "I'm sure some of the neighbours fancy me while others are appalled by me.

"I can feel a wandering eye coming over the fence. I find it a breach of privacy really.

"People should mind their own business and stop being on neighbourhood boob watch."

The mum, from Bedfordshire, already has a decent sized wooden fence but apparently it's not enough for her.

If she can get permission, she hopes to build a 20ft fence this summer so she can sunbathe in peace.

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"All I want to do is make the most of this amazing weather and top up my tan," she concluded.

The mum also hates wearing a bra and even goes on the school run without one, added the publication.

Kayleigh is so used to being stared at that it doesn't even phase her anymore.

She concluded: "The more people that watch me and are offended the more I'll do it.

"I'm in my own home and garden. If they decide to watch me then that's their problem, not mine.

"I don't care what nosy neighbours think of me – but a big privacy fence will be a good investment."

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