Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Tuesday, September 12


You’re ready to break free from a restrictive situation. Refuse to let anyone pin you down. A longing for more freedom could cause you to look at your life in a different way. You’re tired of having other people dictate what you should and should not do.


Put your foot down if you’re tired of having all the responsibility while other people get away with doing nothing. Housemates and workmates will listen and after a long conversation they will agree to shoulder their own share of work around the workplace or home-front.


You need to put your mind to financial matters you have been trying to ignore. Whether this is an insurance, tax or inheritance issue, just having it hanging over you is starting to sap your energy. This needs to be dealt with in order to allow you to move on.


With a few people looking to you for guidance, the time has come to get serious about achieving a mutual goal. Life is so busy that you are having to turn down invitations to meet up with friends. There is so much going on you might feel as if you hardly have time to breathe.


You could soon be joining forces with optimistic and adventurous people you always get on well with. If you’re trying to raise funds for a good cause, someone in a position of power will offer to sponsor you. Don’t be surprised to receive an invitation to a prestigious club or organisation.


You recognise it is important now to take the initiative. Someone who sees you as not being able to move with the times is about to be surprised. You are the one who will instigate action. This is your chance to prove to others that you are capable of making changes when you feel these are necessary.


You should not only find it easy to concentrate on the smallest and most complicated of details, along the way, there are others in the background who are willing to put themselves out in order to help you. A joint financial matter is also highlighted.


A competitive situation makes you uneasy. You don’t mind the challenge or the competition but what does surprise you is the way someone who calls themselves a friend seems to be turning against you. Money lies at the root of this matter, causing some anger or envy.


Your energy is all over the place making you restless and unsettled. You won’t want to buckle down to any kind of routine. You don’t want to take on anything that requires concentration. You will prefer to have the freedom to come and go as you please.

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You have made mistakes and you will admit to this. Now you are being offered a chance to turn over a new leaf. People will begin to see the practical and determined person that you can be and it will be through taking practical measures that you start getting results.


A friend will confide in you and admit they have got themselves into some sort of trouble. Because you sense they’re in desperate need of advice or practical help you may have to switch some of your own plans around in order to help them out.


You may at first not care to accept the changes that are happening in your closest relationships. Suggestion that others’ are putting your way won’t really appeal to you. At the same time, if you adopt an adventurous and flexible outlook you could gain a great deal from going along with what’s on offer.

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