Horoscopes today: Daily star sign predictions from Russell Grant on November 10

It’s Friday, and one star sign will make a career step in an upward direction today, while another has luck on their side.

There are 12 zodiac signs – Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces – and the horoscopes for each can give you the lowdown on what your future holds, be it in work, your love life, your friends and family or more.

These daily forecasts have been compiled by astrologer Russell Grant, who has been reading star signs for over 50 years.

From Aries through to Pisces, here's what today could bring for your horoscope – and what you can do to be prepared.

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Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 20)

Take a flexible approach to plans you are making. You are a born leader and there are a few people now looking to you to take control of a situation that lacks focus. Although this means new challenges are ahead, you are quite capable of making a success of these.

Taurus (Apr 21 – May 21)

Continue to push forward in anything that demands creativity and imagination. This is your chance to get ahead in situations you identify with personally. Plunge yourself into an exciting and addictive hobby. Whether it is creative works of art or researching your family tree, putting your skills to work gives you an attractive glow.

Gemini (May 22 – June 21)

There are ways to break free from routines that feel restrictive. Start looking now for an excuse to get out of a commitment that is tying you down. Be prepared for some opposition from someone who is a stickler for routine. Today, you should think only of yourself.

Cancer (June 22 – July 23)

Your boss or a senior colleague will not have been expecting you to have such strong views on a situation they are trying to pass off as being inconsequential. You will not keep quiet about your feelings. Seeing friends or getting out with the family will help you relax later.

Leo (July 24 – Aug 23)

A prize that is coming up for grabs in a local competition will really appeal to you. You will enjoy taking part. This will put you in the company of some imaginative and creative people. Just watch out for a tendency to build your hopes up too high or you might lose sight of your real objectives.

Virgo (Aug 24 – Sept 23)

You’re ready to go public with an idea you have been developing for some time. The time is right to reveal plans you have been making in private. You will be ready too, with answers, should any objections come your way. Catch up on matters that need close concentration.

Libra (Sept 24 – Oct 23)

Whatever your plans might be for today you will want to get straight into them because you are determined to get results. A conversation you recall that took place a while ago will come in useful now. Information you were given is relevant to today’s happenings in some way.

Scorpio (Oct 24 – Nov 22)

Information you had expected to receive about an educational or health matter may not arrive. In these circumstances, no news could be good news. If you’re still waiting for the results of a test or examination, try to find something else to think about to calm your nerves.

Sagittarius (Nov 23 – Dec 21)

If you are asked for them, don’t be reluctant to share your opinions, views and knowledge. Listen, too, to what others are saying to you then you can respond in a thoughtful and considered way. By the end of the day you will have carved yourself a new position in their esteem.

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 20)

A career step in an upward direction could be as a direct consequence of a new partnership or some other collaborate effort. Although you enjoy working independently you are also working well in a team. It’s a good time to seek a financial favour or additional benefits from your employer.

Aquarius (Jan 21 – Feb 19)

You could do with some supportive company. This in itself is a good reason to gather friends and family around you. Positive interaction within the workplace will be the key to business success. Luck is flowing your way but you will need to remain careful and cautious.

Pisces (Feb 20 – Mar 20)

You will start to feel more comfortable with a friend or colleague who has been aloof or disapproving of late. You might be wondering about this sudden change in them. It will be as a direct result of witnessing your success at handling a difficult situation.

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