Googles AI picks out biggest threat to human race by 2043 – and its Google AI

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    Artificial Intelligence has issued the most ominous warning of all – that it could be the cause of a horrific “dystopian future” in just 20 years time.

    Google's AI-powered Bard software was asked by the Daily Star what the worst possible outcome for humanity would be, and its answer didn't disappoint – although it did scare us, quite a bit. To clarify, the question was not about how the world would end, or would kill us all, it was more about if the world continued on its current trajectory, what the worst possible future would be.

    Of the seven main outcomes it picked – climate change, nuclear war, pandemics, Artificial Intelligence, global economic collapse, resource depletion and technological dystopia – it was the latter that it chose as the most likely. And it even mapped out what year and how it would look.

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    Its background to the mad prediction was that technology has the potential to improve lives in “many ways”, but it also poses some risks, such as if surveillance technologies become too powerful, they could be used to create a totalitarian state. Or, it added, if social media algorithms designed to maximise engagement could lead to the polarisation of society and the spread of misinformation.

    But it reckons that by 2043 – just 20 years time – we could be living in a “technological dystopia” based on four main factors – mass surveillance, social engineering, automation and environmental destruction. And it will all be powered by Artificial Intelligence.

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    It said: “In the year 2043, the world is ruled by a handful of mega corporations. These corporations have developed powerful surveillance technologies that allow them to track every move of their citizens, and they also control the media and the internet, which they use to spread propaganda and suppress dissent.

    “The majority of the population lives in poverty, working menial jobs or unemployed altogether. The corporations have automated most jobs, and the workers who are left are paid very little, and those who try to resist the corporations are quickly silenced or imprisoned.

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    “The environment is also in a state of collapse, as pollution is rampant, and climate change has caused extreme weather events to become common. The corporations continue to exploit the planet's resources for their own profit, even though they know that their actions are destroying the planet.”

    As always with Bard, it did add a caveat that this was “one possible scenario” for a technological dystopia . . . although you do have to admit that it is one very, very specific scenario to come out with.

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