Explorer finds ‘Devil’s chair’ surrounded by condoms before sinister discovery

Urban explorers frequently find themselves in spooky, or even dangerous situations, but a dilapidated former nightclub that appears to have been used as an improvised sex dungeon may be the wildest yet.

Dan Bell has visited and photographed dozens of abandoned buildings over the years. In one, a disused children’s asylum, he was trailed by an unseen person who may have actually been living in the creepy facility.

But Dan’s latest find included a room littered with used condoms, and at the centre of the room was a chair to which someone had clearly been tied.

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Dan was joined by a couple of fellow explorers visiting from Australia when he entered the creepy building in Baltimore, Maryland. Taking care to obscure its exact location, the group filmed as they gained access to the deserted rooms inside.

He told the Daily Star: “That place was truly terrifying, much scarier than the children’s asylum". He described one flight of steep stairs, which looked as if it had been created for a horror film, as “the scariest stairwell I have ever seen".

But Dan and his companions weren’t the first people to have made it in there. The floors were ankle-deep in rubbish, and someone had even brought a shopping trolley inside. A creepy skull mask left on the floor only added to the menacing atmosphere.

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But while much of the mess might just have been left by homeless people taking shelter from the chilly Baltimore nights, one room held a spine-chilling secret. It was littered with used condoms.

That in itself might not be so unsettling if it wasn’t for the fact that the condoms had been discarded next to an old wooden chair that had ropes tied around it as if someone had been held captive there.

Described as a 'Devil's chair' in the video, it had bloodstains on it, as well as cigarette burns and some white substance that may have been candle wax.

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He said that scuff marks on the floor suggest that whoever had been tied to that chair had been “literally struggling.” One of his companions added: “this wasn’t consensual".

Perhaps most disturbing at all, Dan returned to the site a few days later and found that much of the evidence had been “cleaned up” by some unknown person.

“Whoever was using that room – for whatever purpose – came back to clean it up of all the trash in this place on the first floor and second floor. That's the only thing they cleaned up …one of the condoms and the chair. Very strange,” he concluded.

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