Egyptian 'toy boy' lover of 83-year-old woman hits out at her

Egyptian ‘toy boy’ lover of 83-year-old woman twice his age hits back at her claim that he’s a ‘selfish money grabber’ and claims she treated him as a sex slave

  • EXCLUSIVE: ‘Toy boy’ Mohamed Ibrahim , 39, has hit out at his old lover Iris Jones
  • He claimed that she has destroyed his name and used him as a ‘sex slave’

The Egyptian ‘toy boy’ lover of an 83-year-old woman today hits back at her claim that she threw him out because he was ‘selfish money-grabber’ and instead sensationally accuses her of treating him as a ‘sex slave’.

Iris Jones memorably left This Morning audiences stunned when she detailed her first night of passion with Mohamed Ibrahim after she travelled to Egypt to meet him.

She tied the knot with him in 2020 and assured critics – including her family – that their relationship would last despite being more than twice his age.

But three months ago, it emerged she had thrown the 39-year-old out of her bungalow near Weston-super-Mare after arguing about ‘anything and everything’ – and replaced him in her affections with her cat, Mr Tibbs.

Mohamed Ibrahim, 39, has sensationally claimed that Iris Jones, 83, used him as a ‘sex slave’

Three years after tying the not, it emerged that Ms Jones had thrown Iris out of her bungalow near Weston-super-Mare

Hitting back for the first time today, Mr Ibrahim told Mail Online she had been using him for sex and accused him of ‘destroying my good name’.

He insisted he had been in love with the pensioner and denied being motivated by money or winning the right to work in Britain – but said her ‘false’ claims have reached Egypt, making it impossible to return.

Bizarrely he slammed Ms Jones for trying to persuade him to share her dislike for Britain’s Royal Family, saying they clashed over his belief that Prince William would make ‘a good king’.

And said he now suspects that right from the start, Ms Jones was exploiting him in order to sell stories about their relationship.

‘I treated Iris like a queen, but she used me as a sex slave,’ he says today.

‘I loved her but she broke my heart,’ he added.

Mr Ibrahim, from Cairo, first met the retired cleaner through Facebook in 2019.

Mr Ibrahim insisted that he had been in love with the pensioner and ‘treated her like a queen’ during their years-long relationship

The ‘toy boy’ said that the pensioner’s claims had reached Egypt and she had ‘destroyed’ his good name, making it impossible for him to go back 

She later raised eyebrows when they appeared with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning – reducing them to hysterics – as she revealed that on their first night of passion, an ‘entire tube of KY jelly’ left her ‘saddle sore’.

The couple married in November 2020 – celebrating with a KFC meal – but spent 12 months apart before he was finally granted a visa which allowed him to move into her Somerset home.

After announcing their split, Ms Jones – who has two grown-up sons – told MailOnline: ‘We used to have a great sex life but then it dwindled to nothing because I was always so tired from looking after him.

‘I would do all his cooking, cleaning and tidying.’

She claimed to do all his cooking, cleaning and tidying and said she regretted ever meeting him and now felt ‘stupid’ and that ‘I should have known better’.

However in his first interview since the break-up, Mr Ibrahim today insists the pensioner would impose petty rules when he came home from 14-hour shifts as a security guard at a local Tesco.

‘At first she was a good wife,’ he exclusively told Mail Online.

‘But soon she began treating me like a slave. She was using me for sex.’

‘She stopped me having a shower, she wouldn’t even let me use the toilet when I got back from work.

Iris Jones memorably left This Morning audiences stunned when she detailed her first night of passion with Mohamed Ibrahim after she travelled to Egypt to meet him

While her recount left hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby in stitches, Mr Ibrahim claims he was ‘mortified’

Mr Ibrahim claimed she wouldn’t let him eat food from his culture, and apparently said to him: ‘I own you, you’re my slave.’

Mr Ibrahim insists he quickly fell in love with Ms Jones after being left with a ‘broken heart’ in a previous relationship – but says their life together in England became a nightmare.

‘I respected Iris’s culture, but she said I should be more English,’ he said.

He said: ‘She wanted me to forget my past and my family back in Egypt,’ and did not want him to go back home to see his mother. 

She even wanted him to share her dislike of the Royal Family, he claims.

In a Facebook post earlier this week, Ms Jones accused him of constantly demanding money from her.

Speaking of the three months they spent together in Egypt during which they tied the knot, she wrote: ‘I had £40,000 in my bank account and I handed over my bank card to Mohamed every day and we were drawing 1000 Egyptian pounds daily.

Iris Jones as thrown allegations out online, saying that her younger partner constantly demanded money from her 

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‘This was to pay for living expenses, eating out, a honeymoon in Sharm-El-Shiek and generally enjoying the high life.’

But Mr Ibrahim hits back today, denying marrying her to get access to her savings or ever asking her for large sums of money.

‘I don’t care about money,’ he said.

‘It’s not true that I’ve never had a job – I’ve worked all over the Middle East as a welding inspector on power stations, in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. I had a good salary.

‘If I had been looking for money, I would have married a rich woman, not Iris.

‘I’ve had many offers from rich women but I’m not like that.

‘We helped each other with money, just like any husband and wife.

‘I cared about Iris. When she went to hospital, I slept on the floor for three days – none of her family did that.’

Mr Ibrahim claims Ms Jones has unfairly defamed his character – with her allegations even reaching friends and family in Egypt.

‘If I’m such a bad man, why did she stay with me all this time?’ he asked.

He now believes she had a plan to cash in on public fascination with their relationship by selling her story right from the start.

Iris’s cringe-worthy account of their sex life on the This Morning sofa caused widespread amusement – but Mr Ibrahim insists he was mortified.

‘She talked about private things, our sex life,’ he told Mail Online. He added: ‘She had no respect for herself, for her age.’

Mr Ibrahim claimed he is ‘much happier without her’ and has replaced her instead with a pair of slippers

He claims she told him: ‘Go far away and work, and send me all you earn.’ But he says he retorted: ‘I’m here to take care of you.’

Asked why he put up with allegedly being mistreated for so long, he said: ‘Love is blind.’ And, now he wants to start a new life.

Mr Ibrahim claimed she ‘destroyed’ his trust on people and chose him as he was an ‘easy target’. 

‘It made me feel awful, I’ve had nightmares, I can’t sleep any more. I had to see a doctor,’ he said.

But he claims he cannot go back to Egypt as her claims have been widely translated into Arabic and read there.

‘I can’t go back there until people forget about all of this,’ he said. 

When asked why he married her, he said: ‘I was stupid, I made a wrong decision. People warned me about having a relationship with her. I was blind.

‘Iris is a very good actor. She plays the victim, but really I’m the victim.

‘She used her age so she could play the victim.’

Mohamed says he fled Weston-super-Mare after becoming worried about his safety and is now in hiding.

He also denies marrying her in order to win the right to live in Britain, laughing at the idea that this is a ‘rich country’.

‘It’s very expensive to live in the UK – no-one can save any money here.’

Mohamed claimed he paid around £200-a-week towards bills and other spending during their time together.

He says he is now seeking a divorce and has seen a lawyer.

She has told how she has replaced him with a cat, called Mr Tibbs – a jibe Mohamed said ‘hurt’ him. ‘I’ve replaced her with a pair of slippers,’ is his rejoinder.

‘The way she treated me, she doesn’t deserve me. She didn’t appreciate anything I did for her.

‘I’m much happier without her.’

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