Championship club’s incredible fines list leaked including no flip flops in shower and getting nutmegged

FANS are amazed and amused by a “leaked list” of fines for Plymouth Argyle stars – with offences involving flip-flops, nutmegs and singing.

And many observers were “tickled” to see the roll-call of naughty behaviour at the Championship club include a £10 penalty for sending footballs “over the fence”.

One supporter claimed Plymouth have their “priorities all over the place” as a £200 fine for being “late for matchday” comes BELOW punishments for more oddball rules.

But the West Country outfit clearly make a song and dance about team spirit, if the list is to be believed.

That’s because the two top offences are all about strengthening the bond within the squad.

Sharing pride of place on £250 are “not singing” and a “no show on Xmas do or team night out”.

One perplexed Pilgrims fan responded: “Fined for not singing? Not singing what?”

At the other end of the scale Plymouth also appear to be rather particular about cleanliness and hygiene.

Players at last season’s League One champions are allegedly penalised £10 for “no flip flops in the shower”  and “not cleaning plates/cups in the canteen”.

Leaving kit or bottles around the place, as well as using phones in the wrong place or at the wrong time, are likewise punished.


And a red face is not the only sanction for anyone who has the ball nicked between their legs during training – at least when they should be at their most alert on the eve of matches.

The list includes a £10 fine for “megs in boxes the day before a game”.

One fan said of the fine collection: “Class isn’t it? Priorities all over the place, but who cares – wins you league titles.”

Another posted: “Strange sense of priorities. Late for Matchday £200 fine. Not singing is £25O fine!”

And a third argued: “Bloody heck that’s harsh the strictness.”

Maybe they didn’t spot that the icing on the list includes a fine of “£20 plus cakes” for forgetting to bring in a cake on your own birthday.

So it’s just possible this fan didn’t pick up the slice of fun intended with the punishments.

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