Astrologer names 5 most jealous zodiac signs – one may become possessive

It’s normal to get a little jealous from time to time, but some of us carry around a lot more than others.

In Western astrology, there are 12 star signs, all with their own unique qualities and personality traits – the good, the bad and the ugly. 

An astrologer at Astrotalk believes that while jealousy is an emotion that can be experienced by anyone, five of the zodiac signs are particularly green-eyed with a “propensity for jealousy”.

The astrologer said: “Scorpio, often associated with intensity and possessiveness, tops the list as one of the most jealous zodiac signs.

“Their deep emotional nature and fear of betrayal make them prone to feelings of jealousy.”

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When Scorpio is in the beginning of a relationship, they can feel easily threatened which provokes a jealous response. This is because they require “loyalty and commitment”.

However, once Scorpio is settled into their partnership and trust has been built with their partner, they can channel these intense feelings into “unwavering devotion”.

The astrologer continued: “Taurus, symbolized by the bull, has a strong possessive streak that can lead to bouts of jealousy. 

“They are fiercely loyal and committed partners, and they expect the same from their loved ones.”

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Like Scorpio, Taurus can get jealous when they perceive a threat to the “security” of their relationship.

They are terrified of “losing what they value”, so must learn to communicate openly and effectively with a partner that can do the same.

The astrologer claimed: “Cancer, known for their emotional sensitivity, can experience jealousy due to their fear of being emotionally hurt.

“They have a strong attachment to their loved ones and can become possessive when they feel a threat to their emotional connection.”

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This sign must be given a safe space in a relationship that makes them feel valued and that their partner is investing on the same emotional level as them.

The astrologer claimed that Leo is another green-eyed sign. They love the spotlight and can “become jealous if they feel their spotlight is being stolen or if they sense a lack of appreciation from their partner”.

Leo’s achievements must be both “recognised” and “celebrated” in order for their jealousy to dissipate.

Finally, “competitive” Aries can struggle when someone is better than them at something. Whether it’s in matters of love or personal achievements, this sign does not take too kindly to “rivals”.

“Encouraging their individuality and channelling their competitive spirit into productive outlets can help manage their jealousy.”

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