Amazing Asda deal could get you free movie tickets when you buy pizza deal | The Sun

SHOPPERS at Asda are finally realising that you can get free movie tickets when you buy two pizzas and a drink all for £6.

The ridiculous bargain recently went viral online and has sent people rushing to their nearest supermarket to snap up the offer.

After being seen on Instagram the hack by user catchagem showed how lucky shoppers can get two pizzas, a fizzy drink and a cinema ticket all for way under a tenner.

The content creator, with over 185,000 followers, told his fans that with a valid receipt and a visit to you could get a Sky Store movie voucher or a Vue cinema ticket completely for free.

The fantastic offer, that is clearly signposted in stores, has been ignored by most of us for months until now despite being on since July 24, 2023,

Asda's official website even lists the deal online and confirms the mental bargain.

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The website says: "With Summer in full swing, the Lionesses about to take on their biggest tournament yet, and families looking for ways to treat themselves for less, Asda has unveiled its latest pizza counter meal deal, live from 24th July, for just £6.00.

"Shoppers can visit the supermarkets pizza counters in store and pick up two medium sized pizzas and one medium sized drink, whilst saving a whopping £4.00 compared to if shopping without."

As well as the smashing savings, a chance to win a £100 Ticketmaster gift card was also up for grabs for six lucky customers.

Shoppers have also been flocking to Asda to get their hands on a winter warmer that costs just 70p and will save so much on the heating bill.

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